Has anyone brought up the fact that Arnold could be "A.R.N.O.L.D" a version 1.0 of the software that powers the original robots.  Maybe Arnold developed too much A.I. and they "killed" it and took some parts out of the software in order to keep with the theme park idea.  The current robots may be a post Arnold version 2.0.  Deloris is the original and even though she was wiped she still has fragments of the original 1.0 code and "A.R.N.O.L.D" is now evolving in her again causing her to remember her old coding.


  • cbspockcbspock San Antonio, Texas
    I think the dialog has pointed to Arnold being a person. However his code still exists as part of the base OS of the hosts 

  • Artificial Robotic Neural Operating Lifelike Design.... Sure, why not? (It's a tinfoil-hat theory, but just as good as any other.)
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