"Sketchy Guest" is the young "Man in Black"

I have a theory and am wondering if anyone else thinks the same thing. I think the "Sketchy Guest" played by Dusty Sorg in episode three, "The Stray", is the young "Man in Black".
The scene where the "Sketchy Guest" and Rebus harass Dolores seems to be a flashback because Walter is Rebus's sidekick and Walter was sent to cold storage with Peter Abernathy in episode one. 

When Dolores's family gets killed at the end of the episode, Dolores starts to glitch and she starts seeing past memories. She looks at the porch and she sees the "Sketchy Guest". But, when the camera pulls back and shows the whole porch which is the present, the "Sketchy Guest" isn't there. I think the "Sketchy Guest" is from a past memory.

When Rebus drags Dolores into the barn, she has a flashback to the present "Man in Black" (Ed Harris) and he says "Why don't we reacquaint ourselves Dolores? Let's start from the beginning."

I think the scenes with the "Sketchy Guest" are Dolores's memories of meeting the "Man in Black". That was the beginning when they first met.


  • Hm...interesting. And doesn't Sketchy say, "I want something easy" when Teddy steps in to help Dolores on the main street? That's  a cool mirror to MIB's "If I wanted it easy..." line when Dolores is pleading for Teddy's life in Episode 1.
  • If the 2-3 time period thing is true then I believe that Teddy is in the present TP, and that means that the sketchy guest is also in the present. Teddy is put in the Deloris loop to keep her from wondering off so she won't do what she did in the William and Logan TP.
  • Oh yeah, Teddy only stands up to the men harassing her because he's had his new Badass Teddy upgrade from Ford.
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