Board v Ford what I think may be happening

Ok we know that Arnold didn't want investors, and that Ford thought it would be ok. We also know the guest get something out of westworld, shareholders something else and the board something entirely different. Also it looks like Arnold wanted Dolores to either destroy the park or become sentiment, maybe both.
What if the messing with code that Elsie found was done as an experiment by the board to try force Ford out so they can be unhindered with whatever end game they have planed.
Some how Ford has gotten wind of this, decides Arnold was right about investors, and destroying the park. Now he is trying to recreate Arnold's maze for Delores with Arnold's notebook. In order to have her destroy the park or make the host sentiment. So Ford is trying to do what Arnold couldn't, and Delores is trying to do what she failed to 30 years ago.
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