Dr. Ford's Dad is Arnold

This would explain a lot to me:
1. Why Nolan says the park is over 50+ years old.
2. If this was started as a family business it would explain Robert Ford's comment to Theresa about Arnold not wanting to let the "money men"(Delos) in.  Arnold could have been trying to do a pure scientific experiment, but Robert saw a way to monetize the experiment.  He originally thought of Delos as a ignorant piggy bank that he would be able to manipulate, but that hasn't gone so well; explaining is his dislike for Delos and attitude that they are "in his way".  He believes this still all belongs to him.
3. If Robert is in it for the money, it explains why he would not want the hosts to become self aware.  That is what his father (the scientist) wanted. 
4. This could explain if the show is a sequel to the movie (i think that's a stretch) ps. i watched the movie and it is NOT good.
5. Why Arnold has Young Robert kill the dog (even bigger stretch)


  • 6. Ford says "He (Arnold) said great artist always hide themselves in their work" So Arnold's "self" could be his family and himself.

    7. If that is the case, that is why Arnold wouldn't give himself a drinking problem. 

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  • Definitely.  I tried to post a picture, but couldn't figure out how to. If you see one and then the other, they are the same person.  The vest is a killer clue

  • Yes Fords dad is in the picture there is no doubt about that.
  • On the other hand, when Bernard asks Ford's robotic father "are you Arnold?" he seems to have no fucking clue what Bernard is talking about. And Ford himself brings up Arnold with Bernard and Dutch lady - not sure why he would do that but specifically omit that Arnold's his father. Moreover (though I'm not sure this kind of logic counts on this show anymore) if they were a father and son duo who pioneered this insane new technology and made it available to the public, then one of them died tragically, surely everyone wouod kniw about it. When he brings up Arnold's death, people would be like "Ah yes - it was in all the papers!"
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