Traveling between Westworld and undergorund

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Maybe I'm an idiot or missed this in the podcast but I can't
figure out if the hosts and/or other robots can travel between the two
worlds without physically leaving Westworld? I understand they bring the
bodies down for repair, etc. That makes sense. But then, they will be
speaking to a host (Dolores, Maeve or someone else) and as soon as they
go to sleep, they wake up in the park? Or as soon as Maeve died in Westworld (choked
out in a recent episode), she woke up on the mechanic's table almost in mid thought? What
the shit is happening?! Am I taking crazy pills? Any help would be much



  • I maybe totally off base but I believe that when we see a host die or pass out then we immediately see them getting worked on it's supposed to be their perspective. It's like if you go under for a surgery and wake up in another room. You don't know how you got there or his long it took.
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