How do we know?

Who is a host? Who is a guest?
We're making some pretty intense assumptions about who we KNOW is or isn't a host.
How do we know that the techs we see making animals or building/repairing/reprogramming hosts aren't hosts themselves?
For that matter, how do we know that the techs aren't guests in some kind of nerd fantasy future world?
What if everyone we've seen so far is a guest or a host and we haven't seen any of the pepole actually running the place?


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    All possible, but I think a little too far down the "What is the Matrix" rabbit hole for what the show is trying to do.

    I just don't get the sense that is the story they're trying to tell. I see a story about a technology that has advanced to the point that we are asked to consider questions of consciousness and morality, but beyond the occasional twist and turn I think the overall plot is being presented fairly straightforward and honest.

    I could be totally off base, and the season finale episode is "Surprise! Every character is a bot and they're on a space station all inside a computer simulation running inside Ford's head, who is also a bot that invented time travel and came back from the future after the alien invasion destroyed our solar system!". There's a show I could get into  :)

  • I think the show is encouraging us to question who is host guest/human. Think about it, the first episode and the first 15 minutes they shoot it like Teddy is a guest and the MiB is host and they turn that on it's head. I believe that is the show saying from get that we should question everything.
  • The sensible thing would be for everybody underground doing the behind the scenes work to be human. We know that the hosts can malfunction, break down, do weird stuff when they try to improvise, be tampered with. There are a lot of problems with letting hosts loose outside of the guest areas of the park. In the case of a robot Bernard there are even more problems because he has a job that it seems like a host would most likely be unable to do; it's all improvisation and requires him to be able to accurately identify human and non-human behaviors.

    I am just going to continue to watch the show believing that the various threads are all happening on one timeline and everybody is who they appear to be, until the show states outright that this is not the case.
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