season finale predictions?

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what are people hoping to see in the season finale. i would like to see william, falling so hard for deloros,after getting burned or scorned somehow, come back for a visit picking a black hat. i would like to see maev get on the train that returns people to their place of origin. i'm not the quickest on theory's so i was wondering what the smarter posters are hoping for.


  • Might want to post this in the WE forum ;) I was about to say Season Finale of what show?!?!? ;)
  • thanks,like i said i'm not so quick. lol.
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    Sorry that had me chuckling
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    The robots are revolting. The entire park and control room are in disarray. The MIB is still slinking around Westworld, causing trouble. 

    A tech yells, "WE NEED TO SLOW THIS GUEST DOWN!!"

    Stubbs: "Which guest?!?!?!"

    Tech: "He's a VIP, sir."

    Stubbs: "Which VIP??"

    Tech: "His name is William."

  • I think we'll either find out someone is a human-bot transplant, or that it will happen in the finale. I can't imagine what else the Board's "research project" could be that Ford would insinuate that they (the board) are the ones "playing God."
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    Stubbs:  Did you say "William"?!  We have 1,500 guests here at any given time and 30 of them are named "William"!  We've had thousands of guys named "William" come through here!  Why are you being so cagey about his last name?  The fuck, man!
  • Srsly. Is it really awkward when a guest's name is Arnold?
  • Logan dies, William takes over the company and leaves to the real world. As he falls for Dolores he destroys his life at home and then goes back to Westworld to find Delores. This time he wears black. But when he goes to find her she is back to her loop and totally forgets about him which really screws him up inside. becomes MIB and put on his quest to find the truth about Westworld.
  • I love this shit
    William and Delores fall in love and find the end of the park/maze. There they meet up with Logan again. William wants to stay with Delores, Logan argues with him, they fight and Logan is beating him,and Delores kills Logan. In the fight his hands are mangled. William trys to cover it up. In comes Young Ford explains that Delores isn't "woke" that she is malfunctioning, he resets her and William shattered.

    The MiB found something out in the partial data that Theresa smuggled out that made him reassess what happened 30 years ago. He now thinks that they were almost to the maze and the maze would have made the changes irreversible. So he is on a mission to free his true love. But the maze is just a game and Delores resets anyway. Proving that she was always on her loop. She was never becoming "woke". Dr Ford and MiB are shattered. Because they were both hoping for evolution.

    Maeve continues to try and escape but realizes that she can't leave all the others so hatches a plan to free all the host. It ends with Maeve being the one that is evolving.

    It comes to pass that the board was the one messing with Maeve's settings. They tried to get her to escape so they could get the IP. That set in motion her evolution.
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