Delores and the MIB

cbspockcbspock San Antonio, Texas
In the pilot when MIB drags Delores into the barn, ""Why don't we reacquaint ourselves, Dolores," he says. "Start at the beginning.""

His line suggests that he knows Delores' "sentience" is basically at zero. Was the confrontation designed to trigger her to go off loop, since he already knows what she is capable of and in order to get to the maze he needs her to move along her "independent" loop? 


  • I've been trying to parse that one, too. Maybe he can get her to spill something out of pure fear like he did with Lawrence's girl? That's why he mentions liking that she's fighting. We know he appreciates how close to real they are the more extreme their emotions.

    I remember my very first reaction was that he was raping her in the barn. But as time and episodes went on I thought no way. So maybe he was scalping her. Like maybe he's been scalping really old hosts looking for that maze. If you remember one of Maeve's 'dreams' she's about to get scalped. Then Kissie. So either he hasn't found the maze after those two, or he found it but ran out of time (28 day max visit) before solving the puzzle. He's working through the hosts he thinks will have that data. Maybe she didn't have it because she's been rebuilt so much, so he moved on to Kissie. I just don't know how he would have known to scalp the hosts. Unless that's what Dolores spills in her fear at the beginning.
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