MIB is Tommy, Possibly?

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So I don't have a lot of concrete evidence to support this theory, other than things like the language used between Dr. Ford and the MIB when they are talking in that inn and that the MIB would be an appropriate age, but I think that the MIB could actually be Dr. Ford's brother, Tommy. That would explain him getting what ever he wanted from the staff and how he could be personally acquainted with Arnold even though most people don't even know Arnold exists. His motivation for this quest could then be showing up his incredibly famous and important brother, or making amends for stopping Arnold from destroying Westworld. My main grounds for this theory is the way that the MIB talks to Dr. Ford. To me, it seems that the MIB is overly familiar with Dr. Ford and doesn't show him the kind of respect one would show someone they only knew in a professional capacity, even if these 2 parties didn't get along. It is almost as if the MIB doesn't realize that he owes Dr. Ford any respect, like an older brother might naturally feel towards a younger brother and there is clearly some hostility between these 2 characters. I don't know how this would really affect the story, I just thought it was an interesting idea and I hadn't heard anyone else bring it up yet.


  • That is a cool theory. I was thinking about Ford's brother the other night and trying to puzzle out a connection but came up empty. 
    Ford quotes so much literature, and if MIB = William it would be an easy association that they both grew up reading a lot and "bored" with their day-to-day.
    But I guess if MIB=William he wouldn't be so puzzled about the park and apparently clueless about Arnold on his first visit. Or maybe he could if the brothers are estranged by adulthood.

    Good thinks! 

  • Worth pondering. After watching him in the house, and how he didn't talk or even move much, I was starting to think that he was a little mentally challenged. But why would Ford even allow his older brother with grudge to even be in the park?
  • That's a good question i don't yet have an answer for, and like I said I'm not sure what would be the point. The interaction just seemed to very much to me like I was watching an interaction between brothers. Maybe they don't hate each other or there isn't an actual grudge, but more of just a heightened kind of competition or brothers who love each but don't see eye to eye. I don't know
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    You might want to change the title. Apparently people are not happy posting theories in title threads. I'm fine with it but some others are not
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    Just to further clarify on my point and then I'll drop it because I don't
    want to beat a dead horse. It was also the way that that the MIB
    tells Robert that this character is his own special contribution to
    the park. To me it smacked of how a jealous, snubbed sibling of a
    famous, super rich scientist might assert himself. Ford even either
    indulges or pokes fun at the MIB saying something to the effect of;
    i'm certainly not brilliant enough to come up with a character like
    yours. So in this scenario maybe Ford is fond of his brother and
    wishes they got along better, but his success has always gotten in
    the way of that relationship. He was, for lack of a better sounding
    word, stroking the host brother's hair arguably fondly in the scene
    revealing Ford's host family. Also, if the MIB was just a guest,
    why would he have been so familiar with Ford and Arnold in the
    beginning as to have been able to stop Arnold from destroying the
    I'm big into Linguistics, so this all just really stuck out to me. I'm
    sure I'm just reaching, but I'm having fun with all this theory
    discussion and wanted to see what thoughts, if any, any of you might
    have about this.

  • Just to play devil's advocate - 

    Assuming MIB is WIlliam, there could be many reasons why he's familiar with Ford by the end of this season. He is aware of Arnold but I don't know if he's familiar with him. The way the MIB/Ford conversation shakes out makes me think Dolores may have been a time-bomb engineered by Arnold to destroy the park after, or in the event of, his death.

  • I really like your theory, @SNOWBERRIE714.

    It would be a really great reveal, why should they introduce a brother if they never have him anywhere else in the show?

    Also, the subtlety here has a lot of potential, because there would be a lot of real life reactions between brothers:

    Ford is smug he was more successful than his brother, his petting the boy in the cabin was smug and possessive
    Ford wishes he could go back to when they were children and work to have a relationship with his brother.  The stroking was sad
    Ford regrets he wasn't closer to his brother, but their father was abusive and as they grew up they couldn't help but be resentful and angry towards each other
    Ford's brother wants to prove to his brother he can beat his precious game
    Ford's brother wants to reach out and connect to his brother, but can't, and is trying to find a way to get Ford to really see him

    So, love the theory.  I have a feeling Tommy is dead though.  I think the father's alcoholism and aggression... I dunno.  I just think we're going to find out Ford's backstory involves the death of his brother.  The stroking was nostalgic.  And I know this is building a theory on a theory (or a hunch) but it might explain animosity between Ford and Arnold.  Arnold thought the family and cabin was a great gift.  Ford was just reminded of his dead brother.
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    His motivation for this quest could then be showing up his incredibly famous and important brother, or making amends for stopping Arnold from destroying Westworld.

    Surely the MiB is far, far, far more famous than Ford (how well is the park's existence even known?), and the MiB didn't seem pleased with being recognized while on vacation.
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    I thought it was quite brotherly, that one exchange that was like :

    "You lied to Teddy about Dolores??"
    "well what was I supposed to do, what with you conjuring up this new Wyatt character... "
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