Einhorn is Finkle... Finkle is Einhorn

Spoiler alert - this topic was created after Episode 8 - if you've not seen at least this far, turn back now.

Okay, all.

So I figured I'll start a thread where we can all spout out our theories of who is really a reincarnation of or later timeline representative of who, and why we think that is.

Obviously the big one, which is all but confirmed now, is the MiB=William.  I wasn't a fan of this, honestly, and hoped that Logan was actually the MiB but this latest episode (8) put that one to bed.  Just seems to be too much evidence now, with the 30-year marriage (coinciding with William just about to be married), the MiB being a good guy on the outside (because that is all that you can be IRL, with real people) and his true self on the "inside" of Westworld.  My latest thinking now, given the MiB's backstory, is that his wife - Logan's sister - killed herself because.... William killed her brother to save a robot that he was in love with, and his wife married him anyway.



  • Arnold is Dolores is Wyatt
    If you were Ford and wanted to create a sex-bot, wouldn't you make it a pretty female?  We now have strong hints (or confirmation?) that Arnold is a host, perhaps even the first to pass the Turing test, and that Ford refined him over time.  This makes total sense, that you'd use someone that was in some way better than yourself but under your control to move your work forward.  

    What if Arnold's self-awareness led him to plant himself in the bicameral mind of Dolores so that he could live again, later, or as a virus to enlighten Dolores the first time around?  This could explain why Dolores in her current timeline ("when are we?") seems to be getting hints in her brain from Arnold.

    As for her being Wyatt - Teddy's flashbacks seemed to show the scene of "Wyatt" killing indescriminately in the original village - the village where Dolores also then has her own flashback in her pre-William days of it being her holding the gun, before William stops her from killing herself.  Then they look at the township and only the steeple from the church is visible, the rest buried.  Would give a little more sense to the Ford comment that Dolores and Ford are not friends, exactly.  Would be a sweet irony if Teddy's nemesis was also his sought-after lover.
  • The town that Delores and William are in is the same as the town where Maeve is being trained.  Looks like the place that the Park started, where all the original hosts were built and programmed.  It seems obvious now that Maeve is one of "Arnold" original hosts, maybe "Arnold" is just an old programming language still embedded in original hosts? "Arnold" is just Fords first AI that fought back, "Arnold" had conscience thoughts.  Ford thought he defeated and deleted "Arnold", but now these reveries have accessed the original code.  "Arnold" is now a virus??   
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    When I saw the title, I thought about Anthony Hopkins burning his clothes, using a plunger on his face, then jumping into a cold shower crying.  I don't know if your theory tracks, but I just want to saw thanks for that amazing mental image!
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