Better Call Saul review
I don’t want to claim to have Better Call Saul entirely figured out after three episodes; Breaking Bad, after all, was itself a more comic show in its early going, making more of the absurdity of a chemistry teacher in his tighty whities figuring out how to become a meth dealer. (OK, to the extent that you can consider a show that involves dissolving a dead body in acid to be comic.) It changed its tone and aesthetic as Walter White evolved, and maybe its prequel will also. Or maybe it won’t, and maybe it will simply remain a diverting, well-executed lagniappe–not one of the greatest series on TV, but that’s certainly no crime.

For now, I simply tried to measure Saul by the yardstick: would I want to watch this show if I knew none of the references, none of the characters’ back stories? I was a doubter. But for now, Saul, or should I say Jimmy, has fast-talked me into believing.
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Also, Sepinwall interviews the Villigan and Peter Gould.
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