Isn't there an easier answer for placing Dolores in the two (plus)-timeline theory?

I have been shipping the two-timeline theory and the William-is-the-Man-in-Black theory since Episode 2. But Dolores' visions have nothing to do with my formation of that theory, even after watching the latest episode. I'm tired of hearing them called Memories. To me, her visions are not meant to serve as memories but as instructions, sent by Arnold or embedded in a code Arnold programmed. Might they be memories? Yes, probably at least in part, such as recognizing the church as somewhere she's been before, and Arnold's code may be written around retrieving these "memories". But I'm not sure it it matters that much. It would make a cool storyline, supposing that the Androids are bound to repeat past attempts to free themselves from their programming. But if the story is that Dolores is being led to a place by voices and visions of specific places, does it really matter if she's actually been there before? Is she really "remembering" being at a place, or is she "remembering" what she is supposed to do, as is directed by Arnold or his code? This is also supported by the fact that not all of her visions are flashbacks, such as seeing herself as the Fortune Teller or places where she appears alone in the "flashbacks."
I'm not suggesting that these two are not compatible ideas, but by simply calling them memories we're losing an important possible turn this story could make. It is the difference between whether Dolores as an individual being is striving for human consciousness and memory, or whether we are foreshadowing an Arnold-orchestrated Android revolution... or both, but in a more complicated way.
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