Felix and Sylvester are Hosts(maybe)

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OK here we go..

I can not believe that Ford, or someone dosnt know what is going on with these techs.  We know that there are cameras in the tech rooms because Elsie shows the"necro-perv" a video from 3rd. person view of him doing it with a "sleeping" Host inside of an room in the tech area.  And we know there are cameras in the hallways because Bernard erases evidence of himself walking through the hallways.  So it seems impossible that their shenanigans arent going unnoticed.  And now a little *tinfoil*... when Maeve cuts Sylvester's neck it looks like its right in the carotid artery, which a human with a pumping heart would spew blood through, lots of pressure.  And then when Felix fixes his neck with the cauterizing tool, there are no burn marks or redness or anything you'd expect if it was human skin.  Is that tool made to fix Host skin, or all skin? Is human skin the same as Host skin?  Now a little bit more *tinfoil*... In episode 1 MIB says " I never understood why they paired some of you off.  And then i realized winning dosnt mean anything unless someone loses"  Felix and Sylvester seem paired off, like someone put them together on purpose, Sylvester is the loser,Felix is the winner and Maeve is the catalyst at the moment.  this all seems pre-planned, or organized, or "programmed"  by someone.   So it makes sense that they would continue to have their dysfunctional back and forth between each other, and Sylvester wouldnt turn Felix in,  its their loop together, they are programmed this way, and possibly manipulated by Ford or Arnold by way of Maeve.  these are some thoughts on why I think they are probably Hosts.


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    Anything would be better than the idiotic plot line they are apparently going with.
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