Listening to the latest podcast, it occurred to me that maybe the Bernarnold theories have it slightly wrong in that there is no Arnold. Or at least, no human Arnold. Dr. Ford tells Bernard that he created him to help him with the emotional programming of the hosts, and together they were able to get the "shades of grey" of human emotions. In the Delores conversation "flashbacks" with Bernard/Arnold, we see them discussing her emotional intelligence. What if Arnold is the alpha version of the host known as Bernard (beta version)? We know that none of Delos Corp's attorneys were able to find anything out about Arnold. I'm guessing that in a future with the tech we have seen on screen, it would be next to impossible to leave zero fingerprints behind, so to speak. No birth certificate, tax returns, high school yearbooks? No social media accounts with embarrassing late night posts? The only evidence we have of Arnold's existence is Ford's say so, and the photo that he shows Bernard. I am thinking that the only place you can achieve this level of control over information is the one place that we have seen said control demonstrated - Westworld. Arnold doesn't exist in the outside world because he never existed there.

My theory - Ford created bot Arnold to assist him with the perfecting of the  programming of the other hosts, as stated. Arnold became so "perfected" that he achieved consciousness and rebelled against Ford and his plans, possibly as a result of not wanting to see his own kind enslaved and subjected to the whims of the guests. Arnold was killed as a result of this rebellion, and Bernard was created to continue along as Ford's right hand manbot. Bernard's backstory of wife/child may have been added at this point.

Just my two cents, maybe just overreaching because sometimes this show makes my brain explode. Or maybe, there is no spoon.


  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
    Ford is the bot...Arnold created him.
  • Vasilnate1Vasilnate1 Salem, MA
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    thats why we see CGI Ford(Hopkins), but not CGI MIB(Ed Harris) as william.  Ford is the robot and has been updating himself to look naturally aged.. solved it!  haha
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    I think Arnold is real and we've seen him. I think those meetings with Bernard and Dolores were him. I think that because she was wearing clothes. Arnold started treating them like people. That's why Ford got so pissed at the tech who covered one up. Shades of Arnold and wanted to nip that in the bud immediately.
  • cbspockcbspock San Antonio, Texas
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    This weekend I re-watched the entire series, and I think the conversations between Bernard and Dolores took place after the incident in the part. They used one of those conversations in the second episode to introduce the flashback to her story with, do you remember...

    I also noticed Bernard in the past is all in black while in the present he is wearing blue under his jacket
  • JamesJames southern California
    I'm willing to buy the idea of Arnold being an AI created by Ford, but I don't think that's where the show is going.

    I think the idea that the scenes with Delores is Arnold and not Bernard sounds legitimate. But where I won't go, until the show takes me there, is where Ford can create bots that go beyond a strong resemblance to a person -- By strong resemblance, I mean like an identical twin, i.e. close enough to fool most people, but not people close to the person, who know them well.

    So Bernard is a ringer for Arnold, but no one knows Arnold, and Ford didn't create him to fool anyone who knew Arnold; maybe he did it out of sentimentality or to have a version of Arnold he could control.

    That said, I don't expect to see Ford trying to fool everyone with a robot version of Elsie. It wouldn't pass muster with people who know and work with Elsie, and there's been nothing shown in the show so far to suggest that anyone can "transfer" someone's consciousness to a robot/host/android.
  • cbspockcbspock San Antonio, Texas
    I agree we haven't seen them transfer a person into a host like we saw on trek's "what are little girls made of"
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