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Well here we go. The little Rorschach looking kid is going to be the Joker in Gotham. Eh. I love and hate this show. I just don't know how to feel. Like the walking dead, much potential, lazy execution.


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    I read that they are going to tease multiple Jokers before they reveal which one is the real one. I hope that's true and this is just a fake-out. It all depends on how they handle it, though. I've enjoyed it so far; they've earned the benefit of my doubt.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I'm really hoping that's the Mad Hatter or someone else. I still think it's too early for the Joker. I see that the Red Hood Gang will making an appearance in future episodes.

    On a separate note, I really loved the interaction between The Penguin and Ed Nygma this episode. Quality stuff!
  • Who watched this last night? If that is in fact the Joker, then they did a great casting job. Cameron Monaghan is brilliant on Shameless and he did a great job last night. I'm really looking forward to these last six episodes.
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    I really enjoyed the episode; Gordon and the doctor have great chemistry and it was nice to see them team up. As good as that kid may have been, I think it's a mistake to make him The Joker. It's too soon, and it would undermine what they've said all along, which is that they are running a long game and will tease multiple possibilities for the Joker's identity. I'm thinking we'll get back to the circus eventually; they seem to be setting up the Romeo & Juliet kids to be Dick Grayson's mom and dad.
  • Yeah I was also thinking it was too early to introduce Joker, but Monaghan nailed it so well that I'm hoping it actually is. I totally agree on Gordon and Dr. Thompkins. I love Morena Baccarin on this show.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Probably one of the best Gotham episodes so far... Barbara is such a F up. I wonder where they have her arc going.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
    They have done a few "maybe" jokers already. Remember that stand-up comedian that auditioned for Phish early in the season? One iteration had Joker be a stand up comedian before he became the Joker. I thought it was just a wink to Batman fans since I didn't think they would do a Joker character - but they are defiantly going for it.
  • I miss the Gotham podcast :( Please do an instant take guys :(:( :(
  • @aberry89 Besides the comedian in the pilot, what were the other maybe jokers? I only recall that one and this Jerome guy.
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    @AntManBee Well, me and my friend were talking about that episode where that one guy was strapping people to balloons to kill them. Before it was reveled that the guy who was doing that was not the Joker, that seemed like Joker-esque thing to do... Joker does like his balloons, :smiley: We couldnt figure out if that was red-herring or wink to the audience. I know there was a theory that the Penguin was actually going to be the Joker, but that's been put to rest. After this last episode, I hope that kid they introduced is the actual Joker, because I thought he was fantastic. He's got the crazy face down. His switch from odd but harmless to creepy and threatening was very good. I know I have seen that actor somewhere before too!
  • @Elisa you are so right. The only thing that I keep thinking of is how unredeemable Barbara is as a character right now. It has been quite bothersome and is now truly a problem. That said the episode was awesome.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
    @Elia I really don't understand what's happening there. I don't want Gordon to be with Barbara out of pity, or a sort of "I will never be good enough for you, but we love each other anyway" relationship. Also, big eye roll with the whole, lots of women in tv and movies are in bisexual relationships and yet strangely, absolutely no men, because that never happens right? troupe.... :neutral:
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