my dad keeps saying he is unsure about westworld

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So we just got my dad a now tv box for Christmas and he was overwhelmed with choice so I added a few things to the list and said I know these are good because I have seen them so start on these. My dad doesn't want to watch anything long running or something with too many seasons. Like supernatural, the flash grays anatomy ect. I said to him look westworld is 10 epsidoes and isn't even back untill next year and he just keeps saying I'll think about it. I don't want to try and make him watch the things I suggested but he should at least give it a try, right ? The only other 2 things he watches are game of thrones and twd. Me and my mum just don't understand him sometimes lol


  • AjasAjas Seattle, WA
    Just sit down with him and watch the pilot together. If he's into it, he'll watch more. If he's not, he won't.
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  • Maybe you could ask him what kind of thing he is interested in watching and see if he needs help setting it up.

    Hey says lots of action, that's about it
  • If he wants action + short series then...

    1. Band of Brothers
    2. The Pacific
    3. Spartacus season 1
  • If he likes a lot of action, Westworld may not be for him
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    No big deal. It's not for everyone. You really only need to worry if you throw it on and he says "it doesn't look like anything to me."
  • have him watch the original movie, its the only reason im watching this show.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    My father has never watched a television show I've recommended to him and has never listened to a podcast that didn't have Mine Dragon in it.  There are two notable exceptions;  Band of Brothers, and Justified.  My dad grew up on a farm where fun was seen as frivolous distraction to hard work.  His idea of fun is building a deck or roofing a house or driving a tractor. 

    Sometimes you just can't win.  I tend to cherish the rare and few intersections of our interests, like motorcycles before he decided he got too old for it, and currently sailing.  When we get together it tends to be around a project we can work on together, which is nice.  And we both like a drink and argue about politics, haha, although that's becoming less fun for him since he's a loudmouthed reactionary and I have my facts and figures straight.  Drinking still a big win. 
  • ceburaskaceburaska London, England, United Kingdom, European Union (but not for long)
    Sometimes loud mouthed reactionaries are right
    Hmm. Trying to think of when.
    Despite being a loud mouthed reactionary.
  • ceburaskaceburaska London, England, United Kingdom, European Union (but not for long)
    Band of brothers is amazingly good.
    I am really unsure about Westworld, but will go for S2. But it is not action-y.
    I have watched Person of interest on Now tv and really enjoyed it. It is a sleeper procedural that turns into ... something else. And is from the creators of Westworld.
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