Why I feel that breaking bad is the best tv show

I try not to plug too much on here but given the breaking bad history with this community it could bring some nice discussion



  • voodooratvoodoorat Atlanta
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    dude, go watch firefly.  unlike most tv things that you might have missed it's not that much of a time investment to consume the whole thing.  you'll be glad you did*!

    *probably, voodoorat does not guarantee your satisfaction.
  • also...  i watched at least the first three seasons--maybe even all but the last season, i am not sure--in binge mode long after they were released.  it's so different consuming a show that way rather than as a weekly serial (especially if it's got long breaks in the season and between seasons).  actually i think i started watching during season 4, so even the season 3 "cliffhanger" wasn't for me because i almost immediately put on the season 4 premier.  watched the wire the same way and the first season or two of lost (or as i like to call it "before it went off the rails").

    i wonder if i'd have liked breaking bad or the wire as much if i'd consumed them the way i'm forced to consume game of thrones or westworld (since i was on those from the get go).

    either way, i'm just typing shit, go watch firefly.
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    I love breaking bad and will always be team Walt <3
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