The Defenders

I'm a little over 3 episodes in, and I'm mostly enjoying it. Anything with solo Iron Fist have been bad (including a god awful opening fight scene), but Sigourney Weaver has been an excellent as always. I'm a little worried that I'm not going to find the big bad very interesting, but we shall see. 

Anybody else watching and have any thoughts?  


  • This is good to hear. I was going to start binging today, but Iron Fist turned me off so bad I started rewatching Friends instead. Defenders weekend!
  • AussieGregAussieGreg Canberra, Australia
    I've watched three episodes as well, enjoying everything besides Iron Fist.
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    I heard The Defenders is going to provide a major lead-up to the "Punisher" series. I can't wait, Shane from "The Walking Dead" plays the Punisher character. Woo woo!
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    I watched the first two, I dig it. The Iron Fist fight was silly. I despise that stutter effect in his fight scenes. I so like how they seem to be doing this thing where the ape the style of whatever character they focus on in the first episode. It gives it a real comic book crossover feel. Only 8 episodes too, which of it doesn't sag, is a smart decision by Netflix MCU.
  • I've seen 5. The first fight sequence with all four of them was sick. They always do fights really well. But otherwise, I find this to be like the other Marvel/Netflix shows - clunky and boring. The character of Iron Fist is insufferable. The big bads are always the most interesting part, and Sigourney, as you would expect, is great, despite the fact that they aren't giving her much to work with writing-wise.

    It's funny one of the things that always bugs me about these shows is the location. They hammer home the location, over and over – Hell's Kitchen, Harlem, New York. But the location never feels authentic, it feels like a generic city. Any one have this problem?
  • Idk about everyone else, but I am rather enjoying it. Its far from perfect, dialogue can be insufferably trite, which can lead to overreacting. That being saId Sigourney Weaver is crushing it, and the chemistry between the 4 is enjoyable. That they kept the season to a tight 8 episodes is excellent; Less filler, more stakes, more compelling.
  • BornaBorna Long Beach, CA
    I seem to dislike this more than most but imho it's pretty bad. You gotta let a fair amount of tropes go in the superhero genre but this one throws them all at you.

    Bad pacing, bad conflict dialogue and they did that stupid 3rd-act antagonist change. They do it on most Netflix marvel series and it's getting tired. Only the fight scenes with daredevil look good.

    That being said it's still better than iron fist but everything's better than iron fist.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA

    It's funny one of the things that always bugs me about these shows is the location. They hammer home the location, over and over – Hell's Kitchen, Harlem, New York. But the location never feels authentic, it feels like a generic city. Any one have this problem?
    I do. It always feels like a generic city to me as well. Daredevil is one of my favorite comic characters, so I will probably watch his seasons. But even those are getting to me a bit. The hand-wringing and brooding is a bit too much. But back to your point, they go on and on about how he is a champion for Hell's Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen needs him. etc etc. But until the end of the second season (when Matt is walking through the town in daylight and recognizing the people he has helped) it never seemed like anyone really cared whethere DD was there or not. They needed more scenes like the one I mentioned before to make us care about Hell's Kitchen, flesh it out and give it personality. Its a pretty vital misstep if you ask me. 
  • Finished it. Loved it. Sorry but here is my review so I don't have to repeat myself lol. Spoilers right at the end
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    I'm disappointed at how bad this was. If 13 episodes is too many for a standalone series, 8 is not nearly enough for the team up. Everything was rushed and poorly explained, and the side characters (Misty, Karen, and Trish especially) didn't get nearly enough to do. And Iron Fist is terrible--near as I can tell his powers are super-getting tied to chairs, super-getting his ass kicked, and he can throw one good strong punch in a fight. The character brings nothing interesting to the table. The other three were good but I wanted more.
  • Finished this tonight, I was pretty underwhelmed. There were definitely some nice interactions between characters, and some good fight scenes ... but the Iron Fist really is as bad as everyone said, and unfortunately he's a big driver of the plot. Pacing was not great either ... Sometimes felt rushed, sometimes sluggish.

    Plus the Hand is just not a great enemy, even though Sigourney Weaver did as good as she could with her role. Previous villains - Kingpin, Kilgrave, Cottonmouth, were much more compelling. I think part of the problem is that what made our heros interesting is that their conflicts and motivations were very much grounded in the city, and all of a sudden the bad guys are some stupid immortality cult from across the world.

    It'd rate the shows so far:

    Daredevil S1
    1st ~2/3 of Luke Cage
    Jessica Jones
    Most of Daredevil S2
    Latter parts of Luke Cage with Diamondback being stupid and wearing that ridiculous power suit.
    Crappy parts of Daredevil S2

    Did not watch : Iron Fist

  • I'm a Jessica Jones fan, and I like Daredevil, but (although I didn't watch his series) in going to share some Iron Fist love.

    I thought the part when he went in suit and tie to negotiate was pretty funny. Probably the best stuff he did.
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