White Walker Bambinos

wasiwasi Melbourne, AU
I was rewatching the scene where the WW turn Craster's last son into a blued eyed baby and was wondering what is the purpose of this? I would assume they don't grow up to be teenage angsty WW kids or mature to adulthood / old age then stop aging for eternity and join the march.

Do they serve some other purpose? WW snacks? as someone on the web suggested.  I haven't read the books but don't believe they go into any detail.  I don't know if this scene has any relevance to what may come in a future episode or the lore in general. 


  • They haven't explained it on the show completely, and not in the books at all, so any answer is a guess.   I think it is most likely they grow into adult white walkers.  All we have seen is baby and grownup, so the angsty teenage white-walker years are a mystery.  And for some reason Craster only supplies male babies.  Either because that's what they WW's want, or Craster wants all the daughter-wives he can have.   Interestingly, Craster seemed assured he was safe from white walkers due to his arrangement, implying there was an exchange of dialogue between the WW's and him at some point.  And they did not attack Craster or his creepy family, so the situation clearly worked for him.  But his character died without revealing all he knew so we will have to wait and see if it is made clear somehow later.  
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