South Park Season 21

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South Park season 21 is here.

In my opinion, this was a middle-of-the road episode. Not boring, but definitely not insightful enough to be amongst the greats. 

This episode mainly parodied Amazon's Alexa, white supremacists/Charlottesville protesters (they terk our jerbs), and home renovation reality TV shows.

Also, they are still clinging to one remaining piece of continuity with Cartman & Heidi's relationship, hopefully they drop that ASAP.


  • I was surprised that Cartman and Heidi were still together.  For some reason, I thought at the end of last season they broke up but I honestly couldn't remember.  My issue with last night's episode, I felt like they tried to cram too much into it with Alexa, Confederate Flags, and Home Renovation.  Maybe if one was removed it could have made for a smoother episode.  Thought the episode was just ok.  Definitely not something I'm going to ask friends "hey did you (or you got to) watch this episode".
  • Yeah, there are certain episodes where you can really tell they made it in a week and had to slap together an ending. Glad to have the show back, though!
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    i thought the episode fell flat, esp for a season premier. the rednecks trying to do the jobs was pretty funny. but other than that it just felt like a rushed lazy written SP episode. with the state of our world i just think parker and stone could have came up with something better considering what they are capable of.
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