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I just came to say that I absolutely adore Cecily on the AHS podcast. She's like 75% off the reason I joined Club BM (the remaining 25% would be game of thrones in general)
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  • Same! I'm not even watching the show but I'm listening to the AHS podcast because of Cecily. Her and A.Ron interacting is too funny to me. 

    When they were talking about how the show used the monster "sound" but no monster and said Ally must have caught a monster taking a dump and Cecily said "knock much?" I had to pause it and rewind I was laughing so hard.
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    Third.  I'll keep it short and not gush too much in fear they might peak in this thread and get that weird pinch on the butt feeling.  But she's great.  The way A.Ron inevitably switches it up from podcasting with his wife is great.  The way they interact is great. It's all great.  They're a funny snarky witty duet.  I miss Penny Dreadful, but it's good to have AHS back.  I finished episode 2 last night and was listening to the podcast on the way to work.  It's awesome when things they discuss overlap with what me and my wife discuss like how out of control that bathroom is.  
  • Also glad to have Cecily back. Enjoy her on the podcasts she can join AND when she participates in the gaming videos.
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    KingKobra said:

    Also glad to have Cecily back. Enjoy her on the podcasts she can join AND when she participates in the gaming videos.

    She's arguably the funniest commentator in the gaming videos. But yeah, overall Cecily is great. Still surprises me that out of the Jim/A.Ron friendverse they've managed at least 5 great (not good, but great) podcasters.
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    The A Ron/Cecily chemistry is the best, they have a lot of fun, I especially enjoy when they don't necessarily agree. Welcome back :-)
  • Agreed. 

    Makes me think, in the absence of True Blood, maybe they'd enjoy covering Midnight Texas?
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    You are all too very kind! I'm having a lot of fun and the best part is getting to interact with all of you! Close second is being showered in compliments, it feels great - but first and foremost: y'all
  • I completely agree!  I just finished playing through the telltale GOT game, and then watched the Bald Move videos...they were so fun and Cecily was an awesome addition.
  • Yup! Absolutely love Cecily! I don't even watch AHS but just love her insights and POV and she always has me cracking up.
  • I adore Cecily. Huge fan. I particularly like her laugh. 

    I'm not sure why, but I have always had a perverse fascination with couples who podcast. Maybe it's the voyeuristic quality of getting a peak into how these couples communicate with each other. I like the dynamic that Aron & Cecily have. It's charming. 
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    I laughed when Cecily brought up Sarah Paulson's lips again. "*sigh* It's her lips. I hate her lips." Lmaoooo. Yes the listeners definitely do remember.

    Also funny - "Did you just 'Woah' me?"

    C- how many times do you get to go out with a free pass each week?
    A - um, Zero.

    Good banter, good rapport.
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    In case y'all didn't know... Cecily was on board for a lot of the old Bad Guy Lee and Bad Guy Clem walking dead telltale playthroughs.

    They're super funny. Well worth it.
  • I liked the old walk throughs partially because of how great the dynamic between her, Jim and A.Ron is.

    It's not uncommon to see small pettiness in that kind of a broadcast, but you get the feeling the three of them like each other as individuals and not just as parts of a mutual relationship (i.e. Boyfriend/girlfriend, business partner/business partner, friend of boyfriend/boyfriend's business partner.)
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