306 - "Born Again"

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  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    edited March 2015
    Saw complaints on the Facebook thread about the plot spinning it's wheels, but I thought there was plenty of movement. Elizabeth is setting things in motion with Paige, Philip is getting pushed closer to the girl and that's got to come to a head soon, Nina's probably about to get rewarded for ratting on that girl. 

    Martha's document source just dried up. I swear that new FBI guy is making Stan and everyone else look bad. 

    Thought it was interesting that Gabriel doesn't even have leftovers for Philip, but he has a full candlelight dinner for Elizabeth. 

    I liked that Philip and Elizabeth got to lighten up for a few minutes.

    I guess it was sort of a piece-mover, but this show even does those really well. Still a top 5 show, in my opinion.
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
    Now that Martha's document source has dried up and her pressure on Clark to adopt or have children could also mean the end of that relationship. I can see that once Philip finds out that he wont get the information he was getting he will begin to end the relationship.

    I really liked the Elizabeth and Paige ending to this episode as well and whilst I was anxious about this potential storyline but I think its coming together really well.

  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    I see we are close to Elizabeth revealing to Paige the KGB details, but man Henry with the unwavering interrogation at dinner, could season 4 be a Henry/Paige training season?

    I know people are creeped out by Kimmy and Phillip, but hearing Matthew on The Slate podcast and hearing how he himself needed the J's to talk to him about the motivations and where it went should hopefully let some of those people get passed it, especially seeing what Phillip did this episode with his religion twist.

    Phillip is my absolute favorite character on any show running right now, his character has a lot of layers. Very sad he can only talk about his son to Kimmy.

    Also Phillip and Elizabeth laughing, nice to get our one moment of happiness for the season between them.

    Oh, Martha is totally dead by seasons end, either by her becoming unuseful since the files are gone, or she'll find out about Phillip and kill herself.

    Afterbuzz TV did an interview with the actor that plays Martha a couple episodes back and she said the episode that Noah Emerich directs has a lot of big moments, and that's the next episode, so looking forward to it!
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I thought Phillip found a genius way to avoid being a statutory rapist.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Phillip did temporarily. Love how Phillip's alter ego with Kimberly looks a lot like Paige's Pastor. Creepy
  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    I think that pastor's fake hair might be the worst on TV. Including Corey Stoll's on The Strain.

    It's odd, because I think Philip and Elizabeth's wigs usually look pretty good.
  • The Vikings last night was trying real hard and may have actually topped The Americans for worst wigs ever (Ecbert's men & the beard on the stranger in Kattegatt)
  • Stan's makeout session on the couch may have been the skeeviest thing they've shown all season. Yuck! Seriously, though, I thought he was mauling her at first. And then was going to eat her. Stan, please, nut up! Stop all this whining. 

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