The Good Place (SPOILERS)

Season 1, Season 2, SPOILERS galore.

In the S2 opening I thought the writers did a marvelous job with the situations they set up for the four humans.  There was a lot of potential there.

I guess they did the S2 opening with two episodes, rushing through the discovery of what the place is (again) for new viewers?  They raised the stakes for Michael, but the stakes were already high for him.  

I don't care for much of the behind the scenes drama as there doesn't seem to be any stakes for Michael's staff.  My impression is if his idea doesn't work, they just go back to doing their old jobs.

Not thrilled with the gimmick of showing the same scene multiple times, though much of that was because it involved Michael's staff.  I hope the show doesn't devolve into "ha ha, isn't it hard to manage artists" or the like.

Still, the first season turned out amazing, so I will keep watching.  
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