Got an email from a Delos employee.

Got this email earlier today. Any thoughts?

SUBJECT: Did everyone at Westworld get fired?

If not, you're about to. I never got a response on the asset retrieval from San Diego and the vendor shipped everything to us in sleep mode. There's one stored in my office right now. I don't know how you guys do this--even if they're not real, they're real creepy.

New York City is coming up. How do you want to handle? Proceed with the roadshow as planned? Nobody has run a diagnostic on these hosts in months and I'm not sure how they'll perform once they get out there. And truthfully, after a few select San Diegan black hats, some of the hosts could use a Body Shop tune up.

If I don't hear from someone in the next 15 minutes, we're moving forward and shipping these out. One Mesa filled with lazy, unresponsive assholes doesn't stop the show.


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