Are the guys still watching Gotham?

Just wondering if anyone is still watching Gotham, and if any of the hosts still are?

I am hit or miss, but it’s gotten pretty good lately. It would be cool if we got a podcast once a season, even if it only covered the bits that Eric, Jesse and Levi caught.

I know it’s random, but all the Barbara stuff makes we wonder what the guys would think.


  • I dropped it real fast after S1 and never regretted it but I enjoy reading synopses of the crazy stuff that goes down each episode in my downtime.
  • Just caught up on S3 on Netflix. Starting S4 soon. I enjoyed most of it. Still hated seeing Fish and the Bruce stuff towards the end was meh for me.

    This is the final season right?
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    It was another "Golden Age" casualty for me. I got out after season 1 because I just thought it felt too scatterbrained. Like it was trying to be 3 different shows all living under one banner, but I heard some good things and caught up on season 2 and it was a lot better. I think they really found a better, more focused direction and got some identity. That said, there just weren't enough hours in a week to keep me in it. I'm glad you put this thread up though. Good reminder to try to make my way back to it on Netflix.
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  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH

    This is the final season right?

    Say what!? I didn’t realize there’s an end in sight?
  • It reminds me of the soap opera, All My Children, my mom watched when I was a kid. I would get to see a couple of episodes with her if I stayed home sick in the fall, and they would still be on that subject during Spring break.

    The town moved through the seasons and celebrated holidays, meanwhile a plot that would occur over the Christmas themed and Easter related episodes would have taken coarse over the span of a week, that week just took months to occur. You just went with it.

    Gotham is like that, I’ve caught maybe 3 episodes per season since the guys stopped covering it, and I had no issue with any of the characters or storylines.
  • @TaraC73 I just searched and there is nothing that says it's the final season. Not sure why I thought it was.

    Sorry for the scare lol
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    LOL!! It’s ok @Jovial_Falcon!!

    I am really enjoying the show and LOVE seeing Bruce growing into Batman <3

    I could do without Barbara being back :/ but can’t complain too much... the show is MUCH better with fish moody gone (or, just showing up for 10 minutes here and there)
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