706 - Mid-Western Assassin

Director: Bradley Buecker
Writer: Todd Kubrak


  • Well I'm not sure what was edited especially from that last scene. Another revealing (sort of) episode. We are seeing the layers pealed back and what that candidate had wrong is that sooner or later this towns events would be picked up. To me this did seem like a kind of stall before we end episode, but maybe that's just me.
  • I just wanted to say you guys are hilarious..I've listened to all the AHS podcasts you guys have and been in stitches...and you make me appreciate all my favorite shows(cause I've listened to a lot of Aron and Jim podcasts)..I look forward to your upcoming coverage
  • Jamie91Jamie91 Pennsylvania
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    Tonight was my favorite episode of the season--so far. I know most of us are still agitated by Ally, but like I said last week she is the ONLY moral character at this point. Say what you want about her unrealized, white liberal privilege, but put yourselves in her shoes! She appeared as insane and cripplingly paranoid, but ALL of it was done with the malicious intent to trigger her and make her lose her shit. Also, I'm really excited to compare the edited, linear version that aired in contrast to the one on FXNOW. I have also noticed another theme this season that ties in with how Kai recruits his members. It's all about touch. Touch is paramount to the human experience. In this case, touch starts with a pinky swear, but it also delves into the sexual sphere. This show is asserting that sex and attraction is a magnetic tool for power. For instance, Harrison and Meadow seem deeply attracted to Kai and this desire seems to mitigate any hang-ups they might feel about heinous murder. Overall, I thought it was pretty solid. Oh, and how about Ivy sparing Ally in the bathroom! That moment was genuinely suspenseful.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Really enjoyed this episode but there were just a couple of moments that left me a little confused:

    If Ally was going to Sally's home to warn her about Kai and the cult, why would she say she has a witness yet leave that witness behind?  She left Meadow with Dr. Vincent, then tells Sally she has to go get her and bring her back.. why not just bring her along to begin with?  Also, is it just me, or did Meadow give Dr. Vincent a "ha, it worked" smirk when Ally left?

    Beverly's cameraman has the whole shooting incident on videotape.  Do you think Beverly will block it from being shown to the public, or will she release the footage?  Also, if she releases it, it will show Meadow doing the shooting and will vindicate Ally.  If she *doesn't* release it, won't they find proof on Meadow's hands/fingers to show that she had shot the gun?  Plus, the gun will have Meadow's prints all over it.  Do you think Ally will be exonerated eventually?  And if she is, will she go after Kai hardcore?  (I don't think he died in the shooting. I think his plan worked.)
  • amyja89amyja89 Oxford, England
    @Michelle I would imagine that Beverley will edit together the screaming and shot sounds with the clearing shot of Ally holding the gun, that would be believable enough to an audience. As for the forensic evidence that would exonerate her, I guess that the cop they have in the cult (can't remember his name) will see to it that everything points away from Meadow and towards Ally. It doesn't sound realistic, but for Murphy, having a single cop in the ranks is probably enough for him narrative wise to cover the whole thing lol.
  • Beverly is definitely going to let the tape out. I think the whole Ally being taken off in handcuffs thing is going to not amount to a ton. They may try to create a "conspirator" type of thing, but even that I don't really see. Meadow was going to be the killer the whole time so anything they can do to Ally over it would just be a sort of bonus. I imagine there is a great way to try to get her institutionalized since they are her shrink and the cop and her separated wife. I think they won't succeed, because of her necessity to the plot, but I bet they go that way with it.

    I was thrown by the "I have a witness" (only she's totally not here) thing. That said, Ally sucks so how surprised can you be I guess. I agree about Dr. Vincent, and I'm sure he was in on the plan. I'm not sure if they'll double back to show the mechanics of the moments after Ally left, kind of guessing they will, but either way it all went just how they thought it would. 
  • @amyja89 The cop will forever be known to me as "that super boring guy from Arrow." I think that's what it says on IMDB.
  • alina_macalina_mac Akron, Ohio
    I was wondering if anyone in the cult even knows about Dr Vincent. I thought maybe he got killed in the shooting but probably not (?) since that man's death was cut from the scene in the edited version. 

    My theory is that the media/cops will accuse Ally and drag her name through the mud, and her voice as a lunatic with crazy conspiracy theories will be heard. She will eventually be exonerated her but her reputation and credibility will be ruined. Forensically, Meadow's wound is evidently self-inflicted, showing she had possession of the gun the whole time.  

    I call the cop "Lt Platinum Hair." 

    @Cecily Thanks (sarcastically) for pointing out Sarah Paulson's upper lip. I think she's had botox to it because it's unusually stiff and un-emotive. 
  • alina_macalina_mac Akron, Ohio
    Also I'm so satisfied that they actually fleshed out the answers to questions about Meadow and Ivy (I mentioned in the Holes post). 

    Has anyone noticed Ally calling Ozzy "MY son" instead of "OUR son" in previous episodes?  
  • I really don't like this season and I've already described why I think that's the case in another forum post, so I won't go into that again.

    This episode did nothing to convince me that the cult is realistic in any way. I still don't buy it.
    Ally is clearly becoming a more sympathetic character. Ivy is the shitty one and the further we get into the story, the shittier she gets. I feel a little sorry for Ally, but really, there's no one this season that is pulling at my heartstrings. I didn't even feel sorry for Ivy when we were shown the flashback of Ozzy being born. A simple bit of communication would have really helped the relationship. Instead, she festered in her jealousy and anger.

    I did like the introduction of the political opponent (played by Mare Winningham). I find it interesting how her characters are always entangled with Evan Peters' characters. I was disappointed that she was killed off so soon, though. She was one of the only interesting characters so far (for me, at least). I guess they have a limited number of episodes to work with but I would have liked to see the rivalry between her and Kai fleshed out. 

    Also, when we found out the trucks were just water trucks and the cult killed the birds by poisoning them? Really? *Yawn*

    And Meadow...girl, why did you kill yourself for some blue-haired bimbo? *sigh*
    I don't know what was cut from the shooting scene since I watched it on iTunes (I have a season pass) but it didn't seem particularly over the top to me. I'd like to see a comparison. What I do know is that Meadow was a pretty good shot, like, too good.

  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Podcast won't be out until tomorrow morning y'all. Sorry!
  • There were tons of eye witnesses not in the cult....
  • Hi there!
    Is it just me or does Ali and Ivy's house have a similar layout to the Murder House in season 1? It's not exact, but the kitchen is close, the big staircase....what do you think?
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