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  • Just finished up the season and boy I loved it. It started off very slowly but from episode 4 on I thought it was fantastic. 
  • Ugh, I’ve read the first two collected Preacher
     books and Welcome Back, Frank. I’m not a Garth Ennis fan so far. 
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    I’m really surprised by how incredibly good this show is. I was expecting 13 hours of John Wick which would have bored me to tears. Instead I’m getting Jason Bourne with a lot of commentary on America’s involvement in the Middle East, PTSD, the experiences of soldiers who return home from war, criminal intrigue within Homeland Security. 

    This is blowing away every other Marvel Netflix series to date.
    Just blew through it and completely agree. Every other Marvel series I kept feeling like I had to cut it slack or grade on some kind of curve. What's more - I have issues with this character and wasn't looking forward to this at all. 

    The showrunner worked on Hannibal some and it's the same kind of competence and focus, even if everything else is completely different. And all the characters are refreshingly smart, even the government officials. They made mistakes, but I understood why they made them.

    None of of the lag that even DD1 and JJ had, and those were probably the two best Marvel seasons up until now. First half of Luke Cage too if you want to count that.

    If I had to nitpick - 

    Russo was a bit inconsistent, especially in the finale which was a bit of a psycho turn. The hostages seemed contrary to the ethics we'd seen before. Though somehow it mostly worked. 

    I'm not a big gun fan - just to explain the extent I'd prefer expanded background checks, extensive training required, and all semi-autos banned - but a show about a guy who goes around shooting people probably ought to stay away from 2nd amendment commentary. It felt clumsy, as did poor Karen Page who no writer seems to knows how to use effectively. 

    I was really surprised and impressed by the PTSD handling and the balance it struck both honoring and criticizing the military. 

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  • Yea the 2A stuff /Taxi Driver homage was a bit clunky. And I did feel it sagged a bit maybe for a few episodes in the middle ... but not as much as other Marvel series. 

    DD S1 is still my favorite because D'Onofrio is an amazing villian. Punisher and Jessica Jones are on the next tier for me. When JJ is good it's really good, but it had some pretty bad parts. Love the protagonists in Punisher but felt the villians were weaker. And honestly the violence gets to be a bit much at times.
  • Yeah, wow the episode 10 explicit coming out for for good gun toters of the world saving the everyone from crazed bombers and effete ineffective liberals was a real turn the show didn’t need to take, particularly in this political climate. Particularly when Castle’s superpower appear to be not killing any innocents despite filling the world with lead which I don’t think squares with the vigilance committee outlook. 
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