Save The Walking Dead by cutting its budget

I'm starting to agree with the idea expressed a few podcast episodes ago that cutting the budget of TWD another 20% is a possible solution to the show's declining entertainment value. 

Supporting actors?  Replace them with different fans each episode who won a contest to be on the show.  Aircraft overhead?  Hint at a mysterious other group Rick and company haven't yet encountered.  Use editing to avoid spending on CGI muzzle flash and squibs by not showing either -- film the character shooting with the muzzle out of the shot and then cut to the victim clutching a part of his body and falling over.  All animals will be replaced by cardboard cutouts or people in costumes.  Save money on Daryl's makeup; take away his trailer and just throw dirt and grease on him in between scenes.  I'd say do away with sets and just have every scene in "the woods" but that might be too artsy for some folks.  Craft services can be replaced with Carol's cooking.

What other ways could AMC save money on The Walking Dead?


  • I think one of the worst mistakes was replacing the fast season 1-2 zombies with slow zombies. Slow zombies means the writers have to concoct stupid scenarios to get characters killed.

  • @telephoneofmadness yeah its madness with how the walkers have changed, I'm pretty sure in S1 one climbed a fence and started running before Rick and the group get the box truck. It definitely removes a major challenge to the survivors, although one of the arguments could be we are now 3,4,5 years from the initial outbreak that the fresh walkers in S1 would now be very decayed and starting to break down. The issue is still when someone freshly turns they never go quickly they start as a slow meandering walker 
  • Lose the rubber guns altogether and just have the actors point their fingers and make accompanying pew pew noises. 
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Bald Move should rename the podcast "Save the Walking Dead", and do nothing but comment on what they would have done instead of what the bitch ass writers did.

  • Kela15Kela15 Malta, Europe
    edited November 2017
    They could clack empty coconut shells together in Monty Python style instead of driving around in cars...
  • They could make all the main actors get kidnapped and just never address that plot point again, like with Heath.
  • Just hire Michael Winslow from Police Academy as the entire Foley/Sound team. 
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