Bald Move 2017 Game of the Year Poll

What's your game of the year for 2017?

Idk if this will be part of the baldies, but I figured this would be fun. Nominees were taken from The Game Awards.

Here's the poll


  • Being as how I’ve only played about three-four things that came out this year, I don’t have a wide sampling to choose from.

    But my GOTY is a really great game that I thought was just ok at first.

    Nier Automata.

    It’s greatness didn’t start to become apparent  until my second time through. This game changes and morphs the longer you play and becomes thematically more interesting and complex. And the relationship and history between the machines and the androids becomes more and more fascinating the longer you play. 
  • Battlegrounds is the most intense and engaging game in recent memory. I can't even count the number of times we'd be playing and someone would be like oh I guess I should go to bed when I thought it was like 8 o'clock still and it turns out it's 11:30.
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  • MichelleMichelle California
    Yeah, I don't think Blossom Blast Saga is winning any awards anytime soon.  Uhmmmm, not that I play it every night before bed or anything. :wink:
  • Fortnite takes the cake. Record number players for A free game. 
  • I really only play singleplayer games. I don't buy microtransactions or DLC either. So.. anyway.

    Persona 5. 

    It's a great RPG that I feel is quite relevant to current events that are happening in real life right now, including the topic of sexual harassment, politics, and corruption, and how and what we can do to make a difference and make a better world.  It really resonates with me, and since it has heavy Jungian philosophical themes, as well as themes of religion and mythology, it's just the icing on the cake.

    There's a few aspects where there's this dissonance that seems to undermine the points that it so eloquently makes but for the most part, it's an amazing game and story. 

    The fact that it can take 100+ hours to complete is definitely a major handicap for a lot of people and removes the incentive for them to even try it.

    But yeah, it's my personal GOTY and the soundtrack is A++. So good.
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