"What’s the creepiest show on TV? The Americans"

John Doyle at The Globe and Mail makes the argument

"In this, its third season, the series has wandered into territory that makes viewers truly, viscerally uncomfortable. And there is no torture, little overt violence and no serial killer on the loose. Everything is about the exploitation of two teenage girls."

"The layers of deceit are breathtaking. The emphatic theme of young women being taken advantage of, in multiple scenarios, is repulsive. But it serves a serious purpose. We are made aware that the worst crimes are not necessarily committed by psychopaths and crazed killers. We are creeped-out by the mundane level of evil that is at work. There’s no gore. It’s much more terrifying than that."


  • I'm 100% in agreement. Seems to me in past seasons the marks have been people already involved in the intelligence game and generally were disgruntled because of principles or were somehow degenerate. This season has moved into the arena of targeting and pursuing innocents. And not only young girls - the incredibly vulnerable woman from AA. Or the poor man that got crushed by the car.

    It's hard for me to get behind that since I'm not invested in the cause Elizabeth and Phillip represent. And I don't feel any emotional connection to Elizabeth at all. Some towards Phillip but it's waning fast.
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    I certainly was grateful for last week's reprieve from the Kimmy storyline.  I needed a break.
  • The way Elizabeth casually dropped that car on top of a completely innocent man whose face we never see was very shocking. And she never hesitates or shows any remorse. There's no attempt on her part to get rid of the man without murdering him. I'm wondering if the show's creators realize how monstrous Elizabeth seems when she acts like that. 
  • Welp this makes Two weeks in a row with no Kimmie but I think I'd rather have had a Kimmie scene than the tire one.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    I'll take the tire scene over Kimmie.
  • To quote my favorite game of thrones hooker, "a lid for every pot!" Lol
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