Episode 603 - 'Urban Transport Planning'

Director: Daniel Attias

Writers: Joe Weisberg and Tracey Scott Wilson

It seems like Jim and A_Ron have come to realize the TWD was crap.  Guys - surprise us and cover the final run of this classic.


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    edited April 2018
    Sadly, not gonna happen. A.Ron hates the show. :-( 

    @pavlovsbell does a podcast on it, though. It’s called Directorate S. 
  • Elizabeth - 3 episodes, 3 murders

    Oleg is going to lead Stan to Phillip
  • @tom_g, believe you're right about that.  It's definitely setting up that Stan's connection to Oleg is going to lead Stan to learn the truth about Phillip.  Either from Stan following Oleg and seeing Phillip meet with him or maybe even Oleg telling Stan to work with someone he knows to stop Elizabeth and that someone ends up being Phillip.

    Episode 3 was just ok in my opinion.  The way the guy that Elizabeth killed reminded me of the movie In The Line of Fire where John Malkovich felt that he had to kill the bank woman just because she mentioned that she was from the same place that he was using as a cover.

    I did really enjoy the dialogue between Phillip and Elizabeth when Elizabeth was saying how she hated it in the USA and how the people back home didn't want to change and Stan called her out on it (and then Elizabeth made the same counter to him).

    Additionally, I did enjoy Stan and Oleg's conversation as well.  And it's funny because Stan was telling the truth but in Oleg's mind there is no way he could ever believe what Stan was saying.

    Why they keep Henry around, I don't know.  Why we need to listen to Stan's girlfriend or wife, not entirely sure either unless there is some sort of twist coming (although I hope not).  The Paige stuff is just annoying as Elizabeth just wants too bad for her when Paige is not made out to be in the position she's in and anyone can see that.  The stuff with Phillip and the travel agency is pretty much a waste unless Phillip does something in the spy world to get money to pay for things.  I know it shows a different side to Phillip but for a final season, I don't think we need to spend time on it.  

  • I was happy to hear Leonard Cohen included in this episode.
  • Elizabeth is gonna kill someone every episode isn't she? Dude just had to go and blab about his girlfriend in the security department ...
  • MrX said:
    Elizabeth is gonna kill someone every episode isn't she? Dude just had to go and blab about his girlfriend in the security department ...

    The guy blabbing about his girlfriend was kind of a rebuttal to Philip's advice of offering personal anecdotes and details to drive sales in his office.  This poor guy gets killed because he randomly mentioned a personal detail about himself.   Not really much of a connection I guess but I thought of that when this guy spoke up about his girlfriend.   

    Oh Elizabeth - wtf?  I went back and forth between kind of hating her to feeling sorry for her so often in this episode.  She is a broken person and is making mistakes.  She needs Philip in the game too to keep her balanced and you can really feel that this episode.  And I wonder if she misses Philip most of all when she has to take care of a body.   It would really help in carrying them around.  

    Another good episode that went quickly but I was kind of feeling "that was it?" at the end instead of "wow."  My expectations may be too high for this season.   

    My favorite crackpot theory is that Henry has been a spy for awhile too.  But I think Stan will figure out the Jennings Identity through the Oleg connection.  Seems like the most tragic route.  And another example of how building connections with people can be helpful and tragic as well. 

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