Season 2 Early Premiere Screening

Hey All,

My brother-in-law’s fiancé scored us access to an advance screening of the season 2 premiere in Philly. 

Let me tell you: HBO knows how to spend some MONEY. Not only was the whole event free, including parking, but we were treated to private access to Franklin Institute after hours, a small room viewing on a movie theatre screen of the season 2 premiere followed by Q & A with Shannon Woodward (Elsie) & Simon Quartermain (Lee), and THEN. A SWAAAANKY after party upstairs: a Westworld themed whisky bar where we took the Delos personality profile quiz to review our OFFICIAL WW cowboy hat (white or black, depending on your answers). Free food and booze. To the NINES. 

This is how you promote shows, AMC. 


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