Westworld is a creation story like Genesis

I see a mirror-image parallel to the creation story in Genesis.
Dolores is Eve.
Teddy is Adam.
Dr. Ford is God.

Last episode of Season 1 shows Dr. Ford discussing Michelangelo's Creation of Adam painting. Dr. Ford (God) places the forbidden fruit (the gun) in easy reach of Eve (Dolores). She eats the forbidden fruit "and her eyes are opened" (she becomes sentient).

There is debate as to whether Westworld is paradise. Ignorance is bliss. But for whom? The Hosts live in this "paradise" for Guests. It's the only reality the Hosts have ever known, but with sentience, Dolores realizes that it's time to "leave paradise". In Genesis, Adam and Eve get kicked out of the Garden of Eden after they eat the fruit and become sentient.

Jump to Season 2...
Dolores pushes Teddy to get him to eat the fruit too -- to open his eyes -- to become sentient. In Genesis, Eve eats first then gives the fruit to Adam.

Has anybody noticed that the opening credit graphics have changed from Season 1 to Season 2? Season 1 opening credits and theme music show caricatures of two Hosts having sex, but not in Season 2 credits. Now it's a caricature of a Host having a baby.

If they're borrowing anything from Genesis, expect to see Hosts somehow "being fruitful and multiplying" (having babies). And Hosts might become jealous of other Hosts and murder each other (Cain killed Abel). 

Will Season 2 become the story of Exodus?
Maybe Bernard will be Moses and lead the Hosts out of Egypt to the promised land? Moses died right at the border of the promised land and didn't get to go with the Children of Israel. 
Or maybe Bernard is the Christ? "Equal with God but humbling himself to become a man..." i.e. Arnold was equal with Dr. Ford, now he's "incarnated" as a Host. Bernard has already died and been resurrected. I wonder if he will become a Messiah figure? If yes, Bernard will sacrifice himself to save the Hosts. 


  • There are definitely a lot of biblical themes, along with other references and influences both philosophical and mythological, but I kinda hope it doesn't mirror anything in particular in the long run and instead becomes it's own thing.  Also, your theory doesn't even address Maeve or MiB, who are central characters with no biblical analogues.  It doesn't hew THAT closely to biblical creation.
  • Maybe Maeve is Lilith and mib is the serpent?

    I like the analogy and agree they are being pretty directly biblical this season with talk of judgment but I also hope they don’t follow genesis  too directly. Also some revelations metaphors perhaps?  Or some other creation myths?  It is interesting to find parallels. 
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