Bernard and the Data File

I’m pretty sure that Bernard downloaded the large smuggled data file from Abernathy to himself and that’s why he became visibly more shaky and messed up after he left Abernathy. What do you think?


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    I thought he was shaking even while trying to decrypt it, but yeah he definitely downloaded it into himself.
  • There’s an episode discussion thread, but yes, I think you’re right and I like you.
  • I saw a screen that said "one time encryption," so it's possible that if he didn't save it somehow that the info is just gone.  If he didn't want the humans to have it, he would still be ok with Hale thinking they were getting away with the prize.  
  • Something is gestating inside of Abernathy. Since it is clear that reproduction is a central theme this season, I have been on the lookout for some kind of early pregnancy. Is it possible that whatever is going on inside of Abernathy’s head is more than just “35 years of IP?” What if the code in his head is some kind of digital primordial soup that will give birth to an intelligence not directly created/influenced by humans?
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