Alt-Shift-X - Westworld S2E03 Explained

A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
Everyone should be watching these anyway, because they're just a fantastic way to break down each episode in an dense and yet easy to digest way, but I jumped out of my seat this week when he gave Bald Move a shout out at the end of this week's video.  I've enjoyed his content for a long time, and it's obvious he puts a lot of time and effort into it.  Very cool!

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  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL
    I've always loved his breakdowns of GOT. WW is right down his alley. I also enjoy his spoof videos making fun of tin foil theory crafting.
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    Yeah that’s a really good breakdown, I’m going to add it to the rotation every episode now. Thanks for sharing. 
  • That was a great breakdown, and it was really, really great that Bald Move got a shout out!
     :)  :) :)
  • Alt-shift-x’s stuff is great. His delivery, analysis, and production are all excellent. One of my favorite channels. 
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    "Can you really blame a host for following its code?"

    I think this show has stuff to say about the divisions within American politics too.

    Great video. I think Westworld is more Lost than Leftovers, which is why it's hard for me to care. I hate putting in too much work to figure out the very basic question of what's happening. So these videos are a wonderful resource. 
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