Instant talk too instant?

I would love to participate, but I usually don’t wind up watching until a few hours later being in the Pacific Northwest. Is anybody else in the same boat as me? Is there a solution? How is participation so far? Do you think there would be considerable change in participation if there was more time to absorb the episode? Would Jim and a Ron be willing to test a scheduled “24hours later talk” to see how it went?
ken hale


  • LannitikLannitik Milwaukee
    They have to appease the "right now crowd" so it sucks but it is what it is. 

    I watch the show 20mins late and I can't get in, so I feel ya. 
    Just gotta send in your emails for the regular episode. 

    The instant take is just that , INSTANT if you wait 24 hrs you lose that instant reaction, as you've thought about the show a lot more. That's what the main cast is for 

  • I don’t often agree with @Lannitik but he is correct on this one. Most folks have acres to the east coast feed these days, so “instant” would be right after that episode. If they waited 24 hours it would IMO hurt the quality of the actual cast on Tuesday. Instant casts are meant to be done before absorbing the episode. 
  • Wouldn't the 24 hours later talk just be the podcast feedback? The instant talk/take caters to the fact that these big shows are "event television".
  • I do agree, it is what it is. At the end of the day I’m sure they’ve got plenty of live commentary to work with and I’m just dealing with my own FOMO. ;)
  • I’m not being sarcastic, but you could watch it earlier on Go or Now. If you have HBO through your cable you get HBO GO free, or you already have Now just watch when it drops. 

    Im also PNW and I can watch HBO on Eastern time wit HBO GO. 
  • MichelleMichelle California
    I live in California and watch it on Eastern time via HBO Now on my Roku. There's no way I'd say that the instant chat is too instant given that the option is there for pretty much anyone who lives in the US.  Also, the idea behind the instant chat is that it's instant - meaning, right after the episode airs.  It's baked right into the title.  Doing it 24 hours after the episode airs defeats the purpose.  I get that it's a bummer if you can't take part in it though.
  • Instant talk or soonafter talk, the idea of participating  in a live broadcast with my favourite podcast hosts, talking about one of my favourite shows, sounds like a shitload of fun to me. I kind of regret griping out loud because I kind of already knew the answer.  It’s true that technically I could watch it at 6pm my time and participate, but I probably will never be able to because I have a family and i can’t exactly take over the living room at dinner time on a Sunday for basically two hours straight.  But hey, I’m still really enjoying this community. Thanks for all the suggestions. I should probably work on submitting emails and commenting on the lunch feed and the like so I can participate in the ways that I already can. 
  • Id really like the guys to work around my schedule because i put my baby down around 6:30 so I dont watch until 7 and then i miss all the cool chat! Come on guys! What about me!?

    (not mocking you @Notacult just being weird)
  • MichelleMichelle California
    G, just go backward - chat first, show second.  Spoilers schmoilers!  :grin:
  • All the ChickensAll the Chickens Birmingham, AL
    I'm in Central time zone. The episode is available on HBO Now for me at the same moment that it drops for Eastern time viewers (8PM Central/9PM Eastern). I just assumed that it dropped at at the same time (6PM Pacific) on the west coast? I guess I could see where that could be an issue with traditional live TV programming for people who still watch on their cable or satellite channel, so i could understand if that's not the case. All of the fans on twitter I know from the west coast are watching the same time as me.
  • gguenot said:
    Id really like the guys to work around my schedule because i put my baby down around 6:30 so I dont watch until 7 and then i miss all the cool chat! Come on guys! What about me!?

    (not mocking you @Notacult just being weird)
    Damn my kid won't go to sleep until like 8:30 these days so I usually don't watch until at least 9 pm MST ... you think the guys would mind pushing it back until like midnight EST if we send them some Redbull?  ;)
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    The future of instant talk is intertwined with the future of lunch. I can feel it.
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