MiB & Dolores - Knowing what we know now

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Knowing what we know now, do you think that MiB raped Dolores in S1E1 (or any time)?  In S1E1, MiB arrives at her ranch after the bandits kill her father.  MiB gently strokes Dolores's face (in a rapey way, not a sweet way), then hits her and drags her towards the barn, caveman style, presumably to rape her.  Teddy appears and tries to kill MiB but can't, so MiB hits Dolores again (HARD) and kills Teddy.  Once MiB and Dolores are in the barn, he says, "Let's reacquaint ourselves, Dolores.  Starting at the beginning."  Since he is such a menacing, violent person and we didn't know much else about him at that point, I assumed he raped her in that episode (and frankly, it's very strongly implied). 


Now, knowing that he'd fallen in love with her 30 years before, and learning that he's maybe not a TOTAL monster (ish?), I'm curious as to what exactly he meant by getting "reacquainted" with Dolores.  Did he just try to get information from her about the maze?  He knows she's the original host, so perhaps he thought she could give him insight.  I definitely don't think MiB is above raping hosts (I mean, he enjoys killing them, so...).  But now that we know a lot more of MiB and Dolores's respective histories, I don't think he raped Dolores.  Am I giving him WAY too much credit?


  • I assume he did rape her and they just didn’t show it. They would have to revisit that scene to convince me it wasn’t. It seemed pretty straight forward to me but maybe I’m not giving it enough credit? 
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