Westworld exhibit at Chicago AT&T store

Has anyone else been to the Westworld installation at the AT&T store on Michigan Ave. in Chicago?

I thought the VR was pretty lame - choose a gun and a hat, shoot at some bottles, and watch the rest happen around you.  (Here's a short video of my friend's "experience"-- https://youtu.be/vbGCH1jYHf0).  The costume displays are cool, though.

The greeter (who played her role pretty well) gives you a choice of a coaster or a deck of cards with the Westworld logo which makes it worth visiting if you're in town.



  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    I went to the Game of Thrones one they did here in San Francisco and it was also kinda underwhelming. It's cool seeing costumes and stuff but it feels like if they're going to set up these events they could do a lot more with it
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