the most hated and yet probably true westworld MIB theory

Here are there reasons why he has always been host.  The main clue for me was early in season 2 when he is at the bar with leonard and he does 2 shots quickly and it looked exactly like old bill. 

reasons why he has ALWAYS been a host 
1. he has no back story ,family , parents, brothers, sisters , nothing before delos 
2. he doesn't like the humans, he hates Logan even on the train on the way in 
3. isn't there a scene where Teddy sits and waits for the human sex session in Mariposa, isn't there an exact same scene with William later , I forget where, but he's just waiting , like sex means nothing to him really 
4. his wife asks him if he's real and he doesn't really answer her
5. he attempts to kill Logan in a very 'host' way , not being able to do it, but putting someone naked on a horse is something Angela would be proud of
6. he always protects the hosts, even the annoying one, we are led to believe that he 'gets it' but we know its kindred protection .. why be that way on the very first trip  
7. it was a military style plan hatched by Ford after Arnold killed himself.  infiltrate delos with a patsy
8. he drinks a ton and never gets wasted , and recently he's been shot a lot and never dies 
9. how does Ford know everything about the Delos immortality project, who is his mole? its William. 
10. he goes to the park every year to get updated and "aged" 
11. he doesn't seem to enjoy anything that humans do , doesn't rabble rouse, doesn't tell jokes, doesn't think the park is that great for human reasons, but he immediately falls in love with a robot which makes sense if he's a robot too and they are capable of love. (maeve hector)
12. angela tells him, if you can't tell does it matter ... she's talking about him too 
13. his profile said 002 at the top , dolores is 1 , and william is 2. 
14. Ford needed to kill off the delos board and the ownership and william killed the family for him. 
15. all the host theories about MIB fail because Delos failed and Fore didn't even bother, this one would work.
16. they should his hands a lots - the directors - thats the host give away  

just like bernard is a copy of arnold but only because dolores taught him how to be , william is a host that literally thinks he's human and is aware of the hosts .  Most of the hosts aren't aware of the hosts, so i think thats an interesting nuance similar to Bernard.  

reasons that william was a human at one point 
1. he has a daughter - there plenty of semen at westward, im sure they could of figured that out - doesn't have a whole family so they only had to figure it out once 
2. it would suck for the story - i disagree , i think the loose ends tie up better in this case, if he's just an dark person or is a host now, both of those concepts are just character stuff, white hat to black hat to white hat again , thats such a snoozer, darth vader did that much better 
3. william is evil and only a human could do that kind  of damage - def not true 

i dunno , i think its cool that Ford put a robot into the real world (he wanted to with Maeve) as  a plan to infiltrate Delos . 


  • its truly the best show and the way its made , acted and directed is a milestone that i hope other shows will attempt to copy.  If William is a host from the get go , a lot of things actually make sense to me , and i think ppl are really attached to that not happening.  so who cares, its a tv show, but if it does happen , also who cares.  Show me one piece of evidence that William was ever real ... ??
  • budesignsbudesigns Tega Cay, SC
    I don't think it's likely that William was a host from the beginning. That would mean that Ford created a bot that managed to meet, win the affection of, and marry Juliet, have a child with her, get involved in the family business and eventually become CEO (or whatever he is). That's a tall order. 

    I think it's far more plausible that William is real, achieves this on his own, and then Ford somehow creates a Robo-William and replaces the real one. 
  • lengmolengmo RTP, NC
    Perhaps at some point William becomes a human head/neck on a host body? 
  • The biggest issue I have with this besides what Buds mentioned above is William would be the only host we see age. We see William interact with Delores “in the past” and he ages but she doesn’t. 
  • Hatorian said:
    The biggest issue I have with this besides what Buds mentioned above is William would be the only host we see age. We see William interact with Delores “in the past” and he ages but she doesn’t. 
    I Would agree, they could always say that they changed bodies, but that would be a 1st as far as we know (aging wise, OPs 10). I think last nights episode pretty much sealed the deal that he hasn’t been a host the entire time.  
  • My main problems with him being a host up until now:
    - We've seen the simunitions not affect him
    - We've seen him interact with Maeve, who clearly has the ability to easily identify hosts as she did with Bernard 
    - It's clearly stated that the tech didn't work, and as mentioned above it's far too much to say he's been a host from day 1

    Clearly at some point they've tried, and I suspect that is in the future. Emily is far more up in the air, she could be human all through or host all through or half-and-half, we haven't seen enough to know. 
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