209 - “Vanishing Point” Christian Mythos

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so I am an episode behind - only watching episode 9 now but the Christian idea of three gods in one person seems fitting. We have Ford, Bernard and Maeve seeming to share one person or space - Ford the father - can be vengeful and demanding, Bernard the son (the original Arnold sacrificing himself to save his “children”) and Maeve the Holy Spirit - left behind to guide and influence? 


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    That's not a bad analysis, but I think it would be more coherent than what this show is actually trying to do.  I don't know or care anymore what they're trying to do, but I know it doesn't make sense like that.

    P.S. yeah, yeah, I'm just taking another opportunity to bash the show, but that finale was REALLY dumb.
  • The finale was pretty terrible - this was my thinking after episode 8 - now if I continue watching I’m not thinking at all
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