Dolores' end game

New to the forums, been enjoying the westworld podcasts since last season

Listening to the deep dive the guys were unsure of what could be coming next season with the confusing finale.  I think it sets up pretty good for Dolores to be the a way.

I don't think Dolores is that interested in saving or protecting the hosts beyond sending the valley folks off to where no one could find them.  the handful of woke hosts that she was carrying with her seem to be the team she needs for her real end game.

It was established during the show that humans do not have free will and that the hosts have evolve past them (way more lines of code and free will etc.)  So in a way Dolores is seeing humans as Arnold once saw the hosts.  Humans are trapped by their simplicity and not being able to make their own choices.  My thought is that Delores and team will try to kill all humans but have them resurrected into new host (get it?) robot bodies.  This will help them evolve from mere consciousness to free will.  She will need people like Bernard, and Hale's body to accomplish this with Delos tech.

I know this goes against a lot of what Dolores has said this season but she did change her mind.



  • lengmolengmo RTP, NC
    I like your idea, but all we have is an AI which thinks it's cracked the problem of reviving humans.  If it had, wouldn't it have informed Delos they could start selling immortality, and wouldn't there have been trials?  Instead we have the MiB in the far future, still facing fidelity tests.
  • I don't know, I think it is too hard to predict.  I think the show is going to backtrack a bit on the whole free will thing.  Just because a simple version of human code makes a human act in a predictable way given certain situations doesn't mean they have actually cracked the key to consciousness and immortality.  

    It seems odd the show seems to be asking us to accept that as true right now though, that they have managed to do this.  Just seems like they are making questionable copies of people to me.    But I see Dolores as maybe realizing humans are more complex than the player-piano code would indicate and she will "change her mind" about destroying all humans but not sure what form that will take.   
  • I think she wants to find the bad ones, who helped build Delos, and put them in "hell" (which is what we saw post-credits with MIB). She already sent her people to heaven in the finale. 

    I hope its not that simple, but that's what I got now.
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