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rewatching Leftovers. After second watch review this is my favourite scene of the series. It’s really amazing writing. We do things for ourselves. Even if it’s altruistic or for someone else. The reason we do things is because in some way we benefit from it. that doesn’t mean it’s selfish. We do unselfish and great things for other people. But In the end it’s for you. Seeing someone happy when you donate $100 makes you feel good. helping someone who needs help makes you feel good. We all do things for ourselves. And this scene really hits that point. 


EDIT: why is by far the most powerful question. This scene just shows how this simple question can change people’s beliefs or at least make them think. 


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    It's probably the karaoke scene at the end of Season 2. It epitomized Kevin's arc in Season 2 with gorgeous shots, masterful editing, gut-wrenching acting by Theroux. I love that he isn't singing great. Its not bad by any means, but it sounds how a real person would be singing, and I love that they didn't try and touch that up and perfect the singing.

  • Karaoke is definitely up there. I think my favorite is the meeting between Patti and the two Kevins in the Most Powerful Man in the World. Especially when he reads "Untitled Romance Novel." Justin Theroux's reading and the way they splice in the past scenes is amazing. I don't know how to describe it but the story itself also has this great ocean/marina vibe that I love. I want Theroux to do audiobooks of Hemingway novels or something.

    Then leading into "Take this thing out of me." and God Only Knows kicks in. So good.

    Runner-up is when "I've Got Dreams to Remember" comes on in the finale. Got me a little misty. Fuck, I need to rewatch this show.

  • Damn! This show man. Just watching those couple scenes got me right back into it as if it never ended. I guess if I had to pick one scene it would probably be Kevin and Patty in the well. Every time I watch that scene the room gets dusty.  Honorable mention: season one finale when Kevin goes in the house to save Jill. That scene hits me like a ton of bricks every time. 
  • @Hatorian maybe I was background watching the show because I didn’t enjoy it too much, but watching that scene in a vaccum is really great. Maybe I should give it another go
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    Damn you all for bringing this show back up.  I have enough shows on my plate that I haven't seen let alone rewatching one of my favorites but I think I need to rewatch this series again soon. 

    I absolutely loved the cinematography of the scene where Kevin and Nora fight in the hotel room and the sprinklers are going.  That whole scene had so much weight to it and was shot so beautifully.  Thanks @Hatorian for making me bump this up my list on priorities to watch.
  • I like how you're all pretending this isn't your favorite scene:

  • The scene where Kevin eulogizes Patti stuck with me and I've come back to it a few times. I just dig both men's acting, how fitting the text is, the strings starting at the right time (as always)... Otherwise the "Do you want to feel this way" scene between Nora and Holy Wayne is beautiful.

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    I’m going with nude French sailor sprinting down a submarine balls out with all God gave him flapping around in slow motion set to classical music.  Did NOT see that coming.  Super weird, unaverting and kinda awesome. 
  • I’ve only just started watching The Leftovers (Thanks @Jim & @A_Ron_Hubbard) and in the process have discovered that they actually filmed some of Season 3 in my tiny little Aussie town! Now I’m even more excited to keep watching!! 
  • MattyWeavesMattyWeaves Mid-State New York
  • Top is karaoke. That scene is just so raw.

    Nora crying in the hotel during the fire alarm is another one.

    And probably Nora walking through the machine. That's the point where it clicked for me how desperate / crazy she has to be (after a long line of crazy from her). Paying someone to shoot you is needing-serious-therapy-crazy, but this took it to a whole other level of you-should-be-committed-crazy. 

    Matt in the casino parking lot was also another good one. 
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    ^^ That reminded me of one of my favorite parts. I couldn't think of any earlier.

    Nora walking in on her mannequin family on the anniversary.
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    JaimieT said:
    ^^ That reminded me of one of my favorite parts. I couldn't think of any earlier.

    Nora walking in on her mannequin family on the anniversary.
    That was tough to watch, but it was a great scene.
  • I just started rewatching and listening to the podcast again.  It's really interesting to hear how skeptical of the show they were early on, especially knowing it will end up being one of their all time favorite shows.

    I also listened to Bluray commentary on the Pilot and was shocked that Lindeloff and Perota reveal that the departed actually all ended up in a giant walk in freezer!!  They're going to reveal the location of this freezer in the season 1 finale commentary, so I'll keep you guys posted.
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    I couldn't find this scene the other day because I didn't know how to explain it, but I finally got it, and watched it ten times.

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