Emmy nominations 2018



  • KingKobra said:
    Michelle said:
    This might be a little nitpicky of me, but does anyone else feel that a show should only have one episode nominated per category?  Like, a certain show shouldn't have two or three episodes in the same category, leaving only two other slots open for other nominees.  It's not really fair to other shows that are definitely deserving of a nomination.  I'm looking at you Atlanta, Barry, and Game of Thrones.
    That’s how it usually works unless it’s for the individual awards. Then everyone submits multiple episodes (including your favorites) based on the person being submitted for. So if they are submitting for two actors there could be two episodes, but it also may be just one depending on what they feel is “the best”. 

    Not sure how it’s unfair, unless there is only one episode of said show in which case it would go into a movie/miniseries. If anything that would be unfair to the actors since performances are often spread out over a season. 
    I don't mean for actors - I get that - but for categories such as directing and writing.  Pick one episode, and that's your submission.  But whatever.  Like I said, nitpicky maybe.
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