George R R Martin Producing New HBO Series "Captain Cosmos"

"We can exclusively reveal that the author is developing a new series at HBO called Captain Cosmos. The pitch: “At the dawn of the age of TV in 1949, a visionary young writer creates a science fiction series that tells stories no one else will dare to tell.” 


  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    Reading this makes me think of a scene in "Demolition Man" where the guy who has freed Simon Phoenix is hypnotizing/reminding him of his mission "Don't you have a job to be doing?" Don't you have TWO books to finish big guy? CHOP CHOP!
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    edited April 2015
    He's ran out of GoT/aSoIaF gas and is stalling until he dies. Next thing he's developing with HBO is a life crippling drug habit.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    @Freddy, man, that's a huge fear of mine.  George is acting like me when I bit off more than I can chew on an ambitious project, and I know how that usually turns out.
  • How about Bryan Cogman? He writes all the histories and lore stuff for the dvds and probably knows more than anyone about the GoT universe besides GRRM himself.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Please just not the two writers who helped with the AWOIAF encyclopedia.
  • This is some sort of late April Fools joke, right?
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