Mischief has a new Con. “Pod X”

So the people that make Con of thrones has a new Con called Pod X. It appears to be a podcast convention. Of the podcasts booked so far, the only one I’ve listened to is Undisclosed. I’d imagine other podcasts such as Storm of Spoilers and BM might make it since they’ve worked with Mischief Management before. Also, it’s in Nash! which is super close to me. Would anyone consider going to this? It’s in may, btw. The location alone has me considering it. Also, I wonder how this will effect Con of Thrones? I believe that is the same week CoT has been happening. 


  • CecilyCecily Cincinnati
    Just saw this too!  This is the same company that runs Con of Thrones so I can't imagine they would be doing them both at the same time, Mischief Management is still a pretty small company.

    If anyone wants to request Bald Move's attendance there is a page to do so:  https://www.podx.com/be-a-part-of-podx

    Not sure what the guys thoughts on this are but I suggested it!
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    May is MomoCon in Atlanta, so I don't know!
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