BoJack is back! Season 5 spoiler thread

New season out today. Watched the first episode, seems like they're setting up some commentary on the current state of peak tv (“The darkness is a metaphor for darkness!” lol) and #metoo. I'm excited to dive into the rest this weekend.


  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    I'm excited cause a local band we've played with a few times, Slutbomb, their cover of the end theme is allegedly going to be used this season! Pretty cool!
  • I'm excited cause a local band we've played with a few times, Slutbomb, their cover of the end theme is allegedly going to be used this season! Pretty cool!

    That is a sweet band name! 
  • I watched it all in one day. Great season. 
  • That “free churro”....   damn.   Great season.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Bojack just gave the perfect eulogy for my mother's funeral. Wow, just wow. I'm feeling this season SO HARD.
  • hi @A_Ron_Hubbard , that must have been a hard episode to watch.   I was in tears.

    A look at Mr Peanut butter's failed relationships, the process of re-habilitating your public persona in show business, and the conversations/arguments between Dianne and BoJack about the effects of normalizing bad behavior and personal responsibility for your actions ("no one is going to hold you accountable").  Whew.   Such an amazing show.
  • This is simultaneously one of the best shows on TV and one of the hardest to watch. 

    Just finished the season. Fucking. Damn. 
  • I know most of the discussion about this season has been on how emotionally devastating it is, but the show still has an amazing number of sight gags and one liners.

    One of my favorite random ones:

    "We've been over this Todd, lakes don't have emotions!"
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    One of the very best things I've seen on TV this year, and probably this show's best season yet. A growing concern lately has been that BoJack suffers from the Rick Sanchez problem - people identifying with the main character too strongly, giving up on the idea of improving themselves, and just wallowing in being a shitty person. This year they dived headfirst into that problem - the meta use of Philbert to critique the show and ask whether it's even responsible to be telling this story, or if it does more harm than good, was an inspired way to address this issue, and they all but hang a neon sign telling the audience "you should not be like this" in episode 10, so hopefully it leads a few people to some personal growth.

    Also: HENRY FONDLE. I love this show.
  • Man they are really dragging Nic Pizzolatto this season!

    Also, I echo @SomeBiscuit 's sentiment: HENRY FONDLE
  • Is it too late to reignite this thread?
    I think this season had some great moments. In general Bojack has been best when it ties up character arcs at their most poignant, then leaves them be.  Holly-hock, Penny, Beatrice, Sarah-Lynn, all made in impact on the viewer, and then left. The characters that remain, even the good ones like Diane, all end up trapped by the writer's insatiable hunger for absurdity.  Would the show really be worse off without a website based on a clock, a sex robot, or incessant rhyme "humor"?
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