Asylum in Season 8

after hearing Cecily’s idea that the teens in Apocolypse are the kids from Asylum, I went back and rewatched the season (for the first time since it aired) and although I don’t think they are the same kids (in the Ayslum finale, Lana talks about both kids being all grown up and having careers), there are a few other things I noticed that apply to season 8...
1. In the break room at Briarcliff, they played one song over and over and over. Just like the dinner-time ritual in the bunker??
2. The doctor in Asylum was experimenting on people to try and create a new breed of human that would “survive the nuclear apocolypse”. The people who he injected all had skin deformities similar to the horses in The End. The people also became monsters who he kept in the woods and fed raw meat. 

So there are definitely some hints. Maybe the teens are the right age to be the children of the Asylum kids? 
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