807 - Traitor

I couldn't find any director / writer info for this one!


  • Written by: Sam Esmail
    Directed by: Sam Esmail
  • Anyone else randomly make the opening credit distorted creepy sounds with their voice  in public? 
  • Good gravy! Murphy loves telling a chronologically disjointed story! I wonder what it would be like to watch a cut of AHS told from true beginning to true end
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    I hate to nitpick but the muffin wouldn’t be the exact amount of calories as the app. They wouldn’t weigh exactly the same, they’d vary in ingredients, etc. it would be around that weight which I would believe more. Annoyed me, took me off the ride for a minute haha.

    More proof Billie lourd might be an angel. Remember back when she showed her powers and he said something like “I thought I killed them all but there’s one left ?” The thought was he realized she was a witch, but maybe he realized she was an angel. He must’ve felt the other women’s witchyness right? Known he hadn’t killed them?

    Who are the two bowl cutted men for next week? Randos or is this a thing I should know?

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    Any thoughts?

     Idk if I’m jimming out or if a pic is appearing. I’m on mobile
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    Written by Adam Penn (the only other AHS he wrote was the "Drink the Koolaid" episode from last season; the bulk of his work is on Mr. Robot)
    Directed by Jennifer Lynch (David Lynch's daughter; she also directed the "The Morning After" episode from this season as well as the "Great Again" episode from last season and the "Chapter 3" episode of the Roanoke season.  Also directed numerous other episodes of a lot of different shows.)
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Listening to the Instant Take right now and LOL at the shout out.   Gawd... blending the heart with toenails & strawberries & whatever else and forcing the guy to chug it down was suuuuuuuper squicky.  My juicing days might be over for a little while, lol.
  • I'm thinking now that everybody that was part of our first group of initial bunker residents will turn out to be some kind of sleeper agent, either for team witch or team satan. We've already seen that Cordelia put several witches in place after wiping their identities, and I think this next episode will flesh out the ones Michael has put in play.

    The only variable will be how the 2 teenagers fit in once everybody's cards are on the table. Looking forward to some Mission Impossible level reveals where we find out Cordelia was 10 steps ahead the entire time.

  • Good gravy! Murphy loves telling a chronologically disjointed story! I wonder what it would be like to watch a cut of AHS told from true beginning to true end
    Yes, and while I'm enjoying this season overall, I'm really tired of non-linear storytelling. It's gotten to the point where everyone is doing it and it's gimmicky. Give me a good story that starts at the beginning, works its way to a middle and then to the end in a regular, old-fashioned way. I think when you have to rely on narrative tricks to keep your audience guessing it's a sign that your story isn't really all that interesting if it's told in a straightforward manner.

    Since episode four we've been in a timeline three years prior to the bomb. And Cordelia's resurrection of Myrtle apparently took place two years prior to that. 
  • The timeline of that resurrection makes no sense!
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    Guys, I'm back onboard. I loved this episode--definitely my favorite one of the season. This was ACTIVE storytelling. This episode was a testament to Cordelia's leadership, bad-assed skills, and bravery. I mean really, she is a pretty cool heroine, if you think about it. It also was a great writer's choice to sideline Michael Langdon completely from the plot. They did this in Freak Show with the "Orphans" episode when Dandy sat out for the week during the Pepper episode. It's a good choice, it focuses more on the "decent/ good guys" in the waves of conflict and struggle. Also, if you noticed Michael was "away" and "contemplating" in solitude. This is what Christ did in the desert for 40 days during the events that led to his Crucifixion." So, maybe Michael is just like jacking off on his Apple computer in frenzied excitement for our complete annihilation. But  last night's episode of television was hella' fun.

    Also, Cheyenne Jackson has my heart. I fucking love him. Oh... and speculative thought: did you get the impression that John Henry and Behold were once a thing, or is my nose off? And do we think there are anymore spies within Cordelia's coven?
  • Best part of the episode was having Jamie Brewer back even though it was very short-lived  :(
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    I'm past ready for the story to get back to the present day in the bunker with Michael and the witches about to throw hands, not that I'm not enjoying what is happening. It's just that we know what ultimately comes of all of this based on what we've seen in present day post-apocalypse.

    I guess we were only meant to be shows that Apocalypse did come and given a preview that there is a showdown between Michael and the resurrected/sleeper witches at the bunker, but then the entire season after those first 2 episodes is mostly just showing us how it got to that point.
  • Also, Bubbles McGee is definitely my next pets name. That, or Baldwin Pennypacker.
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    Good gravy! Murphy loves telling a chronologically disjointed story! I wonder what it would be like to watch a cut of AHS told from true beginning to true end

    I think that's just the current thing all the 'cool' shows are doing:

    1. show the first 5 minutes of the final 10 minutes of the season.
    2. tell the story in reverse through an intricate series of flashbacks within flashbacks.
    3. reverse engineer an insane puzzle-box plot.
    4. a sequence of reveals that only work if you have a context of how you think it's going to end, otherwise they would make no sense.
    5. flash forward to the last 5 minutes of the season and some kind of conclusion/final twist.

    Westworld S2 was probably the last one to take this a bit too far, but other shows aren't far behind. I wonder how much of this is from living in the age of reddit where the collective hive mind will shred any sense of surprise in anything told in a linear fashion, or maybe because of it, where reddit craves the insane reverse engineered puzzle box of impossible coincidences to solve.

  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    Now that Feedback Friday has dropped, I'm popping into this thread like:

    This episode had everything:

    Bubbles McGee and Myrtle Snow showing off their fellatio expertise on lollipops.

    Myrtle playing the theremin again.

    Myrtle vaping

    John Henry Moore with the swag walk.


    And I tell you what.....silver-haired Joan Collins...stunning.  I'm not afraid to admit she still has some really nice shoulders for 85 years old.  

    Temple of Doom beating heart was cool.  Behold is still cracking me up.  I think Behold is my favorite character this season.  We got the matrix reloaded albino security force.  The silent film thing again was cool. (I feel like they aped that off of Legion?)   We got more intestines...man AHS loves their intestines...from Freak Show with the sawed in half assistant to Cricket to Bubbles McGee's actor husband.  

    Oh and I cannot wait for this...

  • MichelleMichelle California
    Do we know for sure there is another traitor besides the two warlocks?  ARon and Cecily were in deep thought over who the traitor could be, but I assumed it was just Ariel and Pennypacker. 
  • BrieanneBrieanne California
    @cdrive not sure if you watched previous seasons of AHS, but they did the silent film thing all the way back in season 3 - Coven in 2013.
  • BrieanneBrieanne California
    @Michelle I feel like there will be another traitor still to be revealed...it would be a very Ryan Murphy thing to do.

  • I might be late to loling at this, but the ARon / Cecily theme-song-sound-effect thing at the end of the podcast was hilarious 
  • hitmy said:
    I might be late to loling at this, but the ARon / Cecily theme-song-sound-effect thing at the end of the podcast was hilarious 

    if by hilarious you mean disturbing, then yes  :)

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