808 - "Sojourn"

Written by: A ghoul, probably...
Directed by: A spooky ghost!



  • MichelleMichelle California
    I'm hyped for the Halloween episode!  Don't let me down, Ryan!

  • CecilyCecily Cincinnati
    Happy Halloween, everyone! Remember that anything you may see or imagine tonight will still be condemned to the place it died; by tomorrow, at the latest.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Sandra Bernhard is a national f'ing treasure.  :star:

  • MichelleMichelle California
    The imagery of the antichrist and his devotee driving a red convertible up the PCH just slays me.  
  • MichelleMichelle California
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    In all seriousness though, the scene with the satanic choir singing "O Fortuna" was *really* well shot.  Also, the post-sacrifice image of Michael's head perfectly framed beneath a pentogram, just the way an angel's head would be topped by or framed with a halo, was a touch of brilliance.

    And also, pre-apocalypse Venable in *purple* at the satanic Westworld lab.  Thoughts?
  • Halarious episode!  Can’t wait to hear the instant take. 
  • Michael just loves slashing necks!
  • This felt like a very short episode with even less going on. Did we really need a full episode for the Kathy Botts backstory?  
    Very much a filler episode which leads me to believe (hope) that A-Ron’s theory about a three season Apocalypse is true. With an already shortened season, why else would they waste time with such a slow episode? 

    I am on the fence about the Evans peters and Billy Eichner characters being the same as the ones the beginning of the season. Before the episode, I was really expecting that to be the case... But the episode didn’t do much to encourage that theory. I do wonder what it would mean if they are the same characters and they were both essentially put on Coco duty. Maybe Coco is more powerful or more of a danger to Michael then we think?
  • MichelleMichelle California
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    After a second watch and upon reflection, I have a bit more to say.  I somewhat enjoyed the stupid campy romp through the satanic church and the AHS: Westworld lab with Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey running the joint, but I gotta keep it 100 here.  And it pains me to say this because a) I love this show and b) this season has been one of my favorites, but this episode was just... not great.  There were one or two strong aspects - Sandra Bernhard was a joy to watch, and I loved the satanic choir singing "O Fortuna" and how that was shot.  But there were some real problems.  Cordelia doing an about-face and offering forgiveness and redemption to Michael was definitely a WTF moment.  My exact words were "wait, what???".  Michael's mindf*ck journey to find his 'father' in the forest, wandering the back alleys of LA, etc. were just - why?  Like I said, I enjoyed the satanic church part but the rest was a miss.  This is the 8th episode. and there are only two left in the season.  They should be starting to wrap things up but instead we were introduced to Madeline, who, did anyone really care much about her???   We did learn how RoboMeade Kathy Bots was created, but did we really even want to know how?   This all said, some of the scenes were just camp and stupid/silly enough that I did crack a smile or at least a smirk at times, but that's about it.  For a season in which I think almost every episode has been at least an 8/10, this one really was a let down.  I'd have to give it no more than a 5.  Murphy had better damn well bring it with these next two episodes.  I want some destruction of the antichrist, 4 horses of the apocalypse riding into the bleak, devastated wasteland of Southern California realness.

    Side note, this episode was written by Josh Green (who co-wrote wrote a lot of the Freakshow season episodes, aka my least favorite season), Asha Michelle Wilson (who co-wrote quite a few Cult season episodes, aka my second least favorite season), but also Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk wrote this episode as well.  Big sigh.
  • I don't see any way around these last couple episodes not being set-up for a cliffhanger ending and AHS:Apocalypse II

    We've made almost no progress on the main plot since the eating of the poisoned apples.

    Bold prediction: AHS:Apocalypse II will bring in the elements from the Asylum season just like this season had the plot threads from Murder house, i.e. Angel of Death + Aliens + the weird mutant creatures the Dr was making, etc...

  • DId we know before now that Kathy Botts was really a Bott? I thought it was a running joke theory. Did A. Ron win all of the internet points AGAIN?
  • redlancerredlancer Seattle
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    DId we know before now that Kathy Botts was really a Bott? I thought it was a running joke theory. Did A. Ron win all of the internet points AGAIN?

     yeah, it came up when she got shot in the 'death chamber' in one of the first few episodes (showed robot insides as a WTF moment). Followed up by the conversation with Michael after she killed Venable and had been created as a replacement 'mom'.
  • I was SO disappointed in this episode!  Seriously for an episode actually airing ON Halloween  COME ON RYAN MURPHY!  It was so boring I fell asleep....not once, not twice but three freaking times!  It was a total waste of an episode and I totally agree with everything A. Ron and Cecily said in the instant take!  What was with the dumb and dumber haircuts?!?!  This line in the notes cracked me up and describes how I feel!   We showed up at Murphy's house for treats tonight and all we got was stale black licorice.  >:) 
  • Im curious where Anton levey is supposed to be at this point in the show.

    also curious that the satanic temple is suing Sabrina the teenage witch but not this show

  • MichelleMichelle California
    @jessay, Ryan Murphy & team probably had to pay for the rights to use Anton Lavey's name/likeness in the show, which makes sense why they wouldn't be going after AHS.
  • Loved this episode, not getting why the instant take was so negative.  I've been in the game development industry for over 16 years and the powder did flow to the point where one could disco all the way to the ship date.  The show exaggerates a bit but I saw those extremes in each of the companies I've been.  The satanism was as rediculous as the witchcraft which made me laugh even harder than I did earlier in the season.  Great exploitation episode.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    No feedback from me, just want to say Happy "Ryan Reynolds" Thursday, everyone.  

    Eichner & Evans.....are they Mennonites?  Are they in some mop top band?  There was one shot when they were in white jumpsuits and Michael Langdon was in the middle with his Steve Jobs attire...they looked like a band.  They looked like some Kraftwerkian early-era synth trio.

    I'm the same with the Instant Take sentiment and @KellyAnneB ; and AHS reddit's sentiment.  It wasn't the Halloween episode we hoped for.  At the end of the episode last night I immediately said "wow that's it..."

    But the Ryan Reynolds thing was pretty funny when they double tapped that joke w/ Evan Peters.  And the hair cuts and Billy Eichner saying "Fuck it" x3 was pretty good. The robot arm malfunctioning was hilarious!

    It's almost as though episode 7 should have been the Halloween episode.

    Ok back to the Mennonites, yes they don't seem to look or act like robotic geniuses, but maybe that's the point? Just like how they can't OD and Peters smirks and says "Devil of a mystery"  They're maybe gifted this genius-ness to be able to create leading edge robotics, just like they're gifted the billions that comes with it, and an inability to OD from truckloads of coke, and Victoria Secret models and Ryan Reynolds.  Did Evan Peter's character say "Ryan Reynolds" with regret?  Satanic Betty Crocker said "Ryan Reynolds" like it was a reward but I thought he said it like that was part of the compromise?  I dunno.  

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    A bit surprised you guys didn’t recognize the direct nod to one of the most famous scenes and lines from the film “The Exorcist.”

    I can’t seem to post a pic of it here here for whatever reason.  :'(

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    Michael and the Satanists are like Eccarius and the Children of Blood in Preacher. Eccarius is this really powerful vampire but his followers are wannabe losers (Eccarius's HQ is in this guy's grandma's basement -- she brings them tea). I think the joke here is just the contrast between Michael and these losers.

    But then they muddy the waters by portraying Michael as a weak daddy's boy, and having the Satanists do actually impressive stuff like building Kathy Bots.

  • But then they muddy the waters by portraying Michael as a weak daddy's boy, and having the Satanists do actually impressive stuff like building Kathy Bots.

    agreed, good point. Up until this episode he seemed really scary and unpredictably powerful. Now he just seems like brooding teenager with family issues. It seemed like he already had his satanist clan group from before that were genuinely creepy and evil, why does he need this new group?
  • AnominalAnominal San Francisco Bay Area
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    Apparently I was WTF about the truce for different reasons than everyone else.

    Why would that time and place ever be the right place to offer a truce due to seeing the good in him. I was thinking I would be upset if Michael didn't just immediately turn her down and threaten her. As it is, he should have been even *more* furious than what was shown. And Cordelia should have been smart enough to know that wasn't the right situation to make that offer, even if it is one of her end game scenarios.
  • You guys be trippin, I liked the episode lol
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
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    The first half of the episode with Michael wandering through the woods and streets of LA with self doubt and needing his father was supposed to be reminiscent of the bible when Jesus wondered the desert and questioned his death etc. 
    As an ex Catholic I thought it was cool.

    The whole dumb and dumber aka Mutt and Jeff silicon nerds along with the sataniists was fine and all but it just dragged on and on and on. 

    That said, this is still the best season of ahs of late. And there’s no way Murphy is gonna wrap it up in two episodes.  But I really hope I’m wrong. 
  • So I was listening to the instant take with my EarPods while sitting waiting for my car to get washed and it randomly went silent. I was getting all frustrated cause I saw that the playback timer was still progressing. Then I realized that as my car was coming out of the car wash, my phone switched to my cars Bluetooth and was cracking up at the idea of the dude driving the car randomly hearing Aron getting all riled up about the episode and being very confused on what was happening. 
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    lmao! @ 26:31 
  • Dang, people are really getting their Satanist church stuff mixed up. I'm not an expert, but I have been vicariously following some of the various goings on a little bit.... so let me take a stab.

    Anton LeVey founded the Church of Satan and wrote the Satanic Bible. As far as I can tell, they're a mostly "real" religious organization, and only seem to occasionally perform public masses to scare people just for kicks and giggles.

    The Satanic Temple is the one with the Baphomet statue suing Sabrina, and have nothing to do wtih LeVey Satanism. They're an atheistic political organization that mostly deals with church/state issues under the guise of "Satanism." They crowdfunded the statue specifically to use to threaten Christians who don't want to remove religious iconography from government grounds. They're not suing because the Sabrina statue is portraying Baphomet, it's because the statue used in the show is a near exact copy of their original artwork. And despite the public claims that they don't want the statue to be associated with the perception of Satanism as evil, I don't really believe it. The statue has been effective as a deterrent all this time because people think these things about Satanism; it's literally why a bunch of Atheists decided to use Satanism as a threat to begin with. No one's going to be bothered by the idea of an "atheist statue," whatever the heck that would be. I personally think they're mostly suing because of (A) publicity and (B) that the popularity of Sabrina might diminish the perceived threat of the statue in the future. 

    Also .. you don't have to be a religious organization to receive tax benefits. Any non-profit receives those same benefits. In fact, that's why religious organizations can receive those benefits; not the other way 'round. And being a non-profit doesn't in any way prevent someone from protecting copyright or pursuing legal action. I'm not sure why anyone would think otherwise. 
  • I was thinking the same thing that there was a difference between the two 
  • no, no, no, no, NO! Ryan Murphy sucks me in every time, promising so much potential, but delivering so little. I've finally settled into the belief that he has the ability to deliver powerful individual episodes (even though this is definitely NOT one of them), and even sequences of episodes. But compelling full seasons are beyond his reach. I should have learned my lesson back in the Nip/Tuck days. 
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    One of the major reasons why I enjoyed this episode was because it has, for lack of a better word, humanized Michael and his plight with his reality and existence that I think every human being struggles with (granted that’s assuming that Michael is in fact a human being). However his struggles with trying to find his place in the world after coming to an understanding that he is “special” and finding it to be much harder than he realized is interesting given that he’s the antichrist.

    I also loved how they portray the Satanic church as just another religion. With the same quirks and mundane worship/people that any other religion has. I particularly like the way the worshipers were portrayed because you could fit them within any other Judeo Christian congregation and do the exact opposite and they would fit within that mold (i.e. the old lady’s parting request to put a good word in for her with big guy). 

    Knowing where this fits within the whole Silicon Valley nonsense I didn’t really understand. However, I find the implication hilarious that people in power don’t actually have any inherent talent or skills but are in power only because they sold their souls to the devil. I know it’s cliche, but I still got a chuckle out of it. 

    To counter the argument that Michael should have retaliated immediately against the witches—Michael has no idea what the hell he’s doing. He has consistently surrounded himself with individuals that have told him who he is and what he SHOULD be doing. Up until this point I don’t believe Michael has made any genuine decisions on his own save ones made to please his allies and receive their approval (Did I do a good job, Mom?). Although he has been identified as the antichrist, he has functioned only as a figurehead rather than an actual leader. Instead relying on others to dictate his next moves and influencing his decisions to fulfill their respective goals. He wouldn’t have retaliated against Cordelia unless being told to do so by someone else. 
  • I believe Ryan Reynolds is the rubber man.
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