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Looking for music podcast recommendations, or other ways you find new music. I realized I was pretty out of touch with music so i subscribed to a few podcasts but I just realized they are all NPR podcasts and kind of same-y. 

If they are genre-specific, any genre is ok. I like the most- Americana, folk, roots music, and edgier punkier rock, although not super heavy. I also love listening about hip hop and rap, Especially old school- to me that's another form of folk/roots music. (I Am Rapaport has a lot of good segments about old school hip hop)

The only music I don't love is kind of softer indie rock music (to make a very 90s reference, I was more into Son Volt than Wilco)  soft jazz or super sweet/generic pop. But if it's a podcast that spotlights different artists and someone like that pops in sometimes, that's ok. Like I happily listened when Marc Maron interviewed Jeff Tweedy, for example.


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    I like Sound Opinions a lot. Jim and Greg are a couple of notable critics who do a radio show out of Chicago and they turn it into a weekly podcast. I don't always agree with them, but they come at it thoughtfully and generally have interesting themes and cover a really wide range of music. They do a variety of things ranging from dissections of classic records, hidden gem types of episodes, or various songs that relate to a certain theme. Good stuff.

    I used to listen to All Songs Considered which I believe is NPR, so you may be onto that one. They were pretty good, but my podcast load got a little heavy and I dropped it.

    Probably not what you're after, but if you're looking for more stuff that may be new to you to listen to, and it's not a requirement that it's specifically new to the world 3 Songs is a fun podcast. It's Bob Nostanovich from Pavement and this guy Mike Hogan and they more or less just shoot the shit about music and choose 3 songs each to highlight in each episode. They almost always pick things from different bands so you've got 6 artists per episode typically, and they both have appreciation for a range of sounds. They have a perspective that you can find, but the sounds have a decent range. They both have good taste and they a good amount of obscure stuff (not always, but there has been an awful lot of stuff I'd never heard of). Good stuff. Bob also tells a lot of interesting stories, as he's been around the block a time or two and met a lot of musicians.
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    It might not be what you're looking for because he doesn't really play music, but my friend Damian has a podcast called "Turned Out a Punk" where he interviews people who are or have been related to punk rock in some way.  A lot of the time he interviews guys from punk bands, which is a good way to get introduced to their music.  Lots of times I had no idea who the guest was so I jumped on youtube to hear their band and I've ended up liking a bunch of them.  The episodes that I like the most are when he interviews people who you don't necessarily associate with punk rock, but you find out how deeply tied they are to it.  Along those lines, he's interviewed Micheal Ian Black, Fred Armisen, Craig Fergusson, Jack Black, David Cross etc

    Just recently - and this blew my mind - he interviewed Johnny Marr who is one of my all time favourite guitar players. 


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    thanks guys, this is the kind of stuff I was looking for! I loved Pavement back in the day, by the way. 
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    thanks guys, this is the kind of stuff I was looking for! I loved Pavement back in the day, by the way. 
    That's right. I remember that now. You may be interested in 3 Songs episode 50 which was their Pavement episode. It was SUPER interesting to listen to. In general Bob will tell some stories here and there, but they're usually pretty brief but in the Pavement episode he more or less let it fly. He's really candid and a great story teller. I think my favorite portion was him telling the story of when Gary Young ran him over with the tour van. If nothing else, and I like the podcast in general quite a bit and I've found out about quite a few new (to me, and just new in a couple of cases) bands that I dig, The Pavement Episode is totally worth the price of admission.

    There is also this dude who has a podcast called Meeting Malkmus where he basically does ~15 minutes a week on an individual Pavement tune and is working his way through the catalog. I'm a few behind, but I love the idea and he's got a good perspective from which to do it. 
  • Oh I found this one: Mountain Stage - it is actually an NPR podcast but not a precious "Tiny Desk Concert" style thing. It seems to just be a couple-hours long performance show with a variety of performers and it's based in West Virginia. Apparently it's been a show for 35 years but somehow I am just finding out about it haha. 

    Anyway, just skimming over the past few episodes I see performers like Brandi Carlisle, Over the Rhine and Joan Osbourne (who is really good live, go see her if you get a chance). Description from website: "Mountain Stage features performances from seasoned legends and emerging stars in genres ranging from folk, blues, and country; to indie rock, synth pop, world music, alternative, and beyond." 
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